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Good Heavens, Man!
News posted 2nd September, 2009 by OMC  
A few notable project updates of late! Here's the fundown rundown for just a couple of them. (Make sure you head over to the Project page to see all of them.)

First, Pazaak: Online by Deaval. There's not much yet but it certainly looks promising. Deaval is looking for a bit of OINC help with the project, which should be a nice change from the hectic lag-suffering fast paced stuff we usually see in online click games. Go keep tabs on the game!

Next, FableQuest, an extremely cool looking RPG that looks downright huge! We've been keeping an eye on this one for a while and it seems to get more and more promising with every update. Strife says a bug that was bugging him (pun not intended, fun always intended) has been squishelmefied. Perhaps he would be open to help with the big graphics job ahead of him... Project page le HERE.

Space Defender! Why is this being overlooked? TheBobbinator is fashioning a neat little space station defense game with some nice effects and EXPLODAGE. You're already interested, I can tell. Because we all know explodage makes a game a bajillion times more awesome. Ship your bum in this direction and have a looksee.

Hopefully soon the summer drought of games and newsposts will let up a bit, since we're into September. KEEP ON SPIFFING, BEANS and BEANETTES!

Posted by Ski 2nd September, 2009

No Pitiri?
Posted by Marko 2nd September, 2009

One of the wackiest news posts ever i think! Some great games there, Space Defender especially is catching my eye!
Posted by Deaval 2nd September, 2009

Ah the frontpage, Thanks Clay.
Comment edited by Deaval on 9/2/2009
Posted by TheBobbinator 2nd September, 2009


Oh My God!!!!
THANKS OLD MAN CLAYTON (or should i say Lord Man Clayton)
Posted by Strife 2nd September, 2009

I shall also thank the Clayster. Thank you!
Posted by OMC 2nd September, 2009

Haha, you're welcome! Make those games fun or else. >_O
Posted by Sumo148 2nd September, 2009


Posted by TheBobbinator 3rd September, 2009

If space defender is popular, i will make a sequal and sell it, and give 75% of profit to TDC!!!!
Posted by UrbanMonk 4th September, 2009

If everybody gives me money I'll donate 75% of it to the TDC!!!!
Posted by OMC 4th September, 2009

HA! That was a good lol'er rightchere.
Posted by jason andrew 10th September, 2009

Pointless, a project with one line of text and a simple picture compared to all of those amazing other projects out there?... Sorry to ask, but am I missing something? Something just doesn't add up... lol *sighs


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