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News posted 20th September, 2009 by Jon Lambert  
Hey everyone! Looks like September is competition month! We've already got the Halloween compo going on right now, but Nim has brought to use a great new idea for a single-button game competition! I can't wait to see what clever games come out of this, cause it certainly sounds like a great idea!

Comments from Nim: Start a new game and finish it before 6pm GMT on Sunday 20th September. Your game (or app) must use one one button throughout. "One button" does not include a combination of clicking+dragging with the mouse. One button is one button. We'll allow some grace time for late entries but only if you post here so that know to wait for it. You may use any external assets you like (music, arrays and such) Participants will be allowed to allocate 2 points (i.e. 2 games), non-participants can vote for only one game.

Click here to visit the forum thread!

Posted by nim 20th September, 2009

Thanks for the news post, but actually it ended an hour ago. Hempuli was the only completed entry and therefore won by default! His game is good fun, though, so give it a try. I also entered but about 30 minutes late (there's a link in the forum). Adam was also working on a game but didn't finish in time. A few more people wanted to take part but had no time. I'll try to find a time that suits people better next time. All of the links and info is on the forum thread.
Posted by OMC 20th September, 2009

Nice... picture.
Posted by Ricky 20th September, 2009

LOL that picture. This is a family site.
Posted by Marko 20th September, 2009

I think just more notice would help, defo for me. Great compo idea that i would defo enter next time round!
Posted by Cecilectomy 21st September, 2009

yeah. that picture. is just wrong.
Posted by nim 21st September, 2009

Marko, I agree. I started a thread about it a week ago but it only hit the front page now.
Posted by Ski 21st September, 2009

Pretty sad considering the halloween compo can take up two of the daily spotlights.
Posted by Rikus 21st September, 2009

I only really noticed the second topic Nim made today with the logo in it this morning. Great compo idea however! I think lots of more people would enter if they had a couple of days instead of hours. For the future if anyone is running a compo and wants some more exposure then just dc-mail any of the admins and we will make a news post about it.
Posted by nim 21st September, 2009

You always say that, but I never do it. The admins should at least know what's going on in the forums.
Posted by Ski 21st September, 2009

OMC posted a couple of times in the original thread...
Posted by Rikus 21st September, 2009

"The admins should at least know what's going on in the forums" If no Admin is taking it upon himself to post a new post about a specific game or forum topic/compo and you know this topic deserves some more attention then you need to take it upon yourself to dc mail any of the admins to let us know this is really something that should be front paged.
Posted by Ski 21st September, 2009

I thought the whole point of being an admin was to use initiative?
Posted by Rikus 21st September, 2009

Maybe you should work some more on your GB-Admin Skills first Adam (or whatever you are) before criticizing ours.
Posted by OMC 21st September, 2009

I should have given it a bigger dedicated section, I guess. I had it in mind, I just never bothered to work out the time exactly so when I logged on it was already over.
Comment edited by OldManClayton on 9/21/2009
Posted by nim 21st September, 2009

OMC, I didn't notice that you had posted those links. Thanks
Posted by OMC 21st September, 2009

It was my fault for not calling it "Three things" or something, so that people would read past the video downloads.
Posted by Rikus 21st September, 2009

High five to omc!


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