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Klikdisc October 2009 Issue released
News posted 2nd October, 2009 by OMC  
Our fine friend Kisguri at Clickteam has just informed us that the October '09 issue of the Klikdisc has just been released.

Comments from Kisguri: "Check out the new Raycaster extension, a Klikdisc exclusive, now you can build your own 3d styled maze games! Also tons of MMF made creations to check out including Bullet of a Revolver, Cave Jumper 1.5, and the full version of Gem Fusion. Also two new Full tutorials to build a Tmepilot like shooter or to build your own text editor! Plus Interviews, News and tons of other stuff in the October Issue!"

Hit up the Release Thread for a full list of included games, demos, extensions, tutorials, et cetera and to find out how to get yourself a copy! Thanks to everyone who sent stuff in, and also a thanks to Pixelthief who pointed out the release.

Posted by UrbanMonk 2nd October, 2009

Flat out awesome. It looks like the reused ed some stuff from last month, or maybe it's just updated versions?

like the raycaster object?
Posted by Kisguri 2nd October, 2009

I assume you mean the Raycaster Object, Last issue it was a preview, This issue the object is released on the disc, If you want to build your own Wolfenstein like games with ease you can now, when you get the disc!
Posted by UrbanMonk 3rd October, 2009

Will it ever be released outside of the disk?
Posted by alastair john jack 3rd October, 2009

I don't think he'll want to answer that.
Posted by Kisguri 3rd October, 2009

No not for the forseeable future, Support of Klikdisc will help fund more high end extensions to be developed.
Posted by DMT 3rd October, 2009

What? I was working on making a Klikdisc tutorial for 3D raycasting and the raycast extension gets released at Klikdisc?!
Posted by Kisguri 3rd October, 2009

Hey Now, We still want your tutorial, You might show something to someone else that they didn't know!
Posted by Rhys D 3rd October, 2009

I like that it's being released on the disc only, exclusive content is the main reason many people would want the disc in the first place!
Posted by Fanotherpg 3rd October, 2009

And guys don't forget about one thing, extensions developers also should be paid, especially with some highend extensions.
Posted by Codemonkey 3rd October, 2009

That raycaster extension looks pretty highend!
Posted by Chrisbo 3rd October, 2009

I think the raycasting extension looks cool, but seems like it's 15 years too late. I guess it's useful if you want to make a retro 3-D shooter, but otherwise seems like it wouldn't be that useful. Not to take anything away from what the programmer did there, that is. I couldn't come close to creating an extension even remotely like that.
Comment edited by Chrisbo on 10/3/2009
Posted by 0ko 3rd October, 2009

"Our fine friend Kisguri at Clickteam has just informed us that the October '09 issue of the Klikdisc has just been released."
"Pixelthief who pointed out the release."

Who informed you of it?!
Posted by OMC 3rd October, 2009

Pixelthief told me about Kisguri's post.
Posted by 0ko 3rd October, 2009


nooooooo double post!
Comment edited by 0ko on 10/3/2009
Posted by Del Duio 4th October, 2009

15 years too late? I dunno about that, that looks pretty good to me.

Besides, it doesn't have to be a shooter you know.
Comment edited by Del Duio on 10/4/2009
Posted by OMC 4th October, 2009

It is really cool, but there's only so much you can do with it. 3D maze games are pretty cookie cutter if you ask me.
Posted by UrbanMonk 4th October, 2009

They are fun to make however. I'd love to play a well made 3d maze game made in mmf2.

I'm glad so many cool extensions are coming out. Not that I'd ever use them. They're just fun to play around with. Little coding toys.
Posted by Chrisbo 4th October, 2009

True UrbanMonk...they are probably fun to make. Like I said, if you're doing like a retro shooter, then this is awesome. But otherwise, not much you can really do with it as far as creating something new and exciting. Not that I'm asking for an extension that's a complete conversion of id Tech or anything.
Posted by MBK 5th October, 2009

Hmmm ... kewl an' all, but can you jump and/or fly?
Can you add houses and have stairs and floors and walk up those stairs and move about those floors?

You don't need a modern 3d engine to make a good game, but some of the old raycasting engines could do what I listed above.
If it is alterable enough to easily add such things then it's awesome. If not, then well it's still real good, but there's room for improvement.
Doom had walkable stairs and you could shoot at demons on higher floor levels, but I'm not sure if that was actual physical coding or mere illusion.

Posted by alastair john jack 5th October, 2009

yeah I wonder if it can only do 3D walls that are all the same size and thats it.
Posted by Cecilectomy 5th October, 2009

multifloor raycasting would be simple for the coder to add. or should be. most visuals in raycasting are mere illusion. you cant look up or down in a raycasted world but you can give the illusion of it by raising or lowering the viewport.

a raycasting engine equivalent to the doom 1 engine would be brilliant.
Posted by Pixelthief 5th October, 2009

If you want I could update my raycasting engine for the MMF/LUA/HWA combo to see how fast I can make it run. It couldn't take very long to write, and I imagine it could easily have great speed with lua solving the CPU issue and HWA solving the GPU issue.
Posted by Ski 5th October, 2009

GOTM plz.
Posted by UrbanMonk 5th October, 2009

Do it Pixelthief!
Posted by Fanotherpg 5th October, 2009

MBK, Cecil you are talking about Build Engine, it was 3D with 2D enemies. Look into bidding pool on CTF for more info. But I asked about it earlier and I hope that it's in this one.
Posted by Del Duio 5th October, 2009

I'd play something like this where you could choose a party of some D&D-like classes and run through a maze looking for the exit, killin' and lootin' all the way there.

Pixelthief, maybe you could use this to make some sort of super Gridquest?
Posted by nim 6th October, 2009

Can the raycasting extension be used for anything other than to recreate the look of first person shooters from 1994? For example, could I make a side-view platformer/shooter with a 3D background? (as if it were "strafing right" all the time)
Posted by Kisguri 6th October, 2009

That would certianly be possible, as long as you city was constructed of the same elements (Walls, and Sprites) used in the object.
Posted by JustinC 8th October, 2009

I'm wondering if the raycasting engine could be used as an alternative to the mode7 object. . . I've been interested in making a mario kart style game but not thrilled with the mode 7 extension.
Posted by Chrisbo 10th October, 2009

Pixelthief, just checked out your two raycasting engines, pretty cool you were able to do that with MMF! The text one was pretty cool too. Reminded me of old DOS games for some reason.


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