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Let's Try This Again
News posted 5th October, 2009 by OMC  
Once upon a time in a TDC far away, there was a cute li'l competition named the Console Wars. (cute as in, oodgy woodgy coot widdle compo-wompo) This clash of the nonexistent titans had entrants making games that matched certain criteria to make it look and play like a retro game from an old console. Well, because it apparently did not have a deadline or enough entrants interested in it, it kind of floundered.

Fret not me hearties! It has returned. Right now the rules are close to being finalized, so you'd better toss your thoughts in the box before the lid is closed forever! BWAHAHA--*ahem*

No, go forth and concoct pixelly goodnesses! Here's the link again. AND JUST IN CASE you missed it... One more time.

Posted by UrbanMonk 5th October, 2009

Great post!
Posted by Codemonkey 5th October, 2009

I can't find the link to the thread.
Comment edited by Codemonkey on 10/5/2009
Posted by OMC 5th October, 2009

Too bad I don't ever repeat a link once I've said it ONCE and only ONCE.
Posted by Codemonkey 5th October, 2009


Posted by AndyUK 6th October, 2009

Thanks for front paging this. I wouldn't want anyone to miss out if the going to like the idea.
Posted by DMT 6th October, 2009

FINALLY!!! Now let console wars begin!!!
Posted by Marko 6th October, 2009

Loving the post, OMC!
Posted by OMC 6th October, 2009

Posted by Marcus jps 14th October, 2009

Well I joined this site a long time ago, and have been viewing its even longer than when i joined, so Clayton me old geeza, im making this my first post and its all for you lol.

1. can you make another perk where you can use 64 colours, 3/4 layers, no transparency.

2. I know using sprites from other games can lose you points, but what about sprite edits.

Thats about it for now, i shall post more when i can.

Posted by OMC 21st December, 2009

I completely did not read this comment. If you're out there Marcus, sorry! AndyUK would have been the one to ask.


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