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News posted 3rd June, 2002 by Rikus  

Hey welcome back to our new server folks, hopefully any downtime of the site should be a thing of the past now. Since we lost our cgi-forum when we moved servers, clubsoft decided to make a new forum. Progress is coming a long great, and it should be done soon.

Posted by The Chris Street 3rd June, 2002

how soon is "soon?"
Posted by Marcello 3rd June, 2002

3 months minimum
Posted by Rikus 3rd June, 2002

I know you guys love to be negative and give snappy comments, but remember we don't "need" to be updating anything, its for the love of klik that we are all making and visiting this site. Clubsoft is doing the best he can.
Posted by Duncan 3rd June, 2002

Posted by zork25 3rd June, 2002

Posted by Duncan 3rd June, 2002

Posted by zork25 3rd June, 2002

Posted by pixelscope 3rd June, 2002

Ehrm... correction Circy. "How soon is now?" hehe
Posted by Canaryman 3rd June, 2002

can we use this news post as a forum for the time being?
Posted by jast 3rd June, 2002

I don't think that it would stay as neat as it would be necessary for understanding everything...
Posted by Joshtek 3rd June, 2002

Will posting in the forum give us lvl points?
Posted by Max 3rd June, 2002

I guess not. People would become crazy over post count and will try to post in any possible thread, no matter if they got anything relevant or not to say just to get points.
Posted by Joshtek 3rd June, 2002

Maybe a maximum of 1 point gained from the forum per month.
Posted by ShadowCaster 3rd June, 2002

Like we said before, we can always reset a persons point count if they're abusing the system :) Although I'd still prefer it if there were no points awarded to forum posts, cos at what point would it be considered "abuse" of the system? The offender will always argue that point :\ ~Mike
Posted by ShadowCaster 3rd June, 2002

I thought the "who's online" was the next thingy to be made, btw? :P ~Mike
Posted by DBack 3rd June, 2002

Posted by Canaryman 4th June, 2002

no points for forum posts. but have a rating system for them, people vote in a little side-poll as to how good the thread is. (one vote per person, original poster can not vote)
Posted by The Chris Street 4th June, 2002

Rikus: I wasnt trying to give a snappy comment man. Twas just a normal question :P
Posted by danjo 4th June, 2002

he wasnt referring to you
Posted by Duncan 4th June, 2002

Posted by The Chris Street 4th June, 2002

oh right :)
Posted by Zircon 4th June, 2002

Rikus is so right, he started DC because he likes klik. He doesn't even make money with this site. Rikus u've got my respect.
Posted by Karl Hedlund 4th June, 2002

Has Rikus made any games?
Posted by Georgie 4th June, 2002

Such picky people. Yes he has but I don't think he's made any recently.
Posted by Rikus 4th June, 2002

The last game i made was about 1 year ago and it was called: Falling quick. I lost the full version of the game with a harddrive crash. A demo version was released at: but i lost that to.. If anyone still has it, i would be gratefull if you could mail it to me:)
Posted by 4th June, 2002

"clubsoft decided to make a new forum". Looks like an edit of mine.
Posted by Rikus 4th June, 2002

Well your forum ruled chris, i think he is trying to make it look like yours:)
Posted by Andi Smith 5th June, 2002

I don't like the checked effect
Posted by jast 5th June, 2002

I do. It's neat. :)
Posted by Steve Wardale 5th June, 2002

Point system: just have post counts if anything. I find you can look alot cooler by having next to no posts at all than tons... makes you seem as though you have a "whatever" attitude, which in Clueless world seems to be good. Is there gonna be a member rating system? I didn't like that... a few people took it upon themselves that I was Satans bowel movements, and rated me very poorly, despite of my occational helpful words of wisdom and harmless-yet-seemingly-useless articles. Ah well.
Posted by Aggressor 6th June, 2002

Fix the Timeline too , please =)


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