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48 hours left for the TDC HALLOWEEN COMPO!!
News posted 16th October, 2009 by Rikus  
It is getting scary folks! The Deadline for the compo was today October 16th! However You still have 48 hours from the moment you see this news post to submit your game for the compo! If you are working on a game I suggest you finish it up now and head on over to that download page to submit your game.

Judging will be done by myself and like te TDC-Mini compo ALL the entries will be reviewed on the next special halloween klikcast and a prize can be won for the winner! Runners up will receive 2000 and 1000 dc points respectfully and all the games also will get their own front page Haloween 09 compo button Yes it is already in the worth a click sectionso that years from now people can still easily check out your games. I will also be looking for the reactions of the people that downloaded your game so not only scare me but scare the heck out of everyone here.

Be sure to post on our forum topic to let us know what you are up to! ---> MUHAHAHA

Posted by PixelRebirth 16th October, 2009

Still 48 hours time left? Good to know, I was in a rush here to stitch everything together so my entry would be playable...

Anyway, I will try to get it uploaded while it's still the 16th in my timezone.
Posted by SoftWarewolf 18th October, 2009

do i still have time to submit my game? not sure if i will be able to finish it though..


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