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Tag Store First - Monthly Update!
News posted 21st October, 2009 by Rikus  
We promised you guys .. and some how the tags fell in the cracks! WELL no more! Thanks for UrbanMonk to remind us! From now on we will update the tag store every month with new Tags! This means older tags will dissapear! So if you like a tag then I would grab it while its in the store! This month we focus more on the scary tags, so grab them if you like them! Oh and if you want to make a tag for the store, just post it in the forums!

UPDATE As per your comments, we have lowered the prices of the tags.

Click here to go to the Tags Store!

Posted by alastair john jack 21st October, 2009

so expensive
Posted by Rikus 21st October, 2009

Review some games to boost you points?
Posted by Cecilectomy 21st October, 2009

who decided to put the tag of the devil double flipping off the user? isnt this a family site?
Posted by alastair john jack 21st October, 2009

yeah that could be fun
Posted by Del Duio 21st October, 2009

What's the size limit on tags pixel-wise? I want to make one!
Posted by OMC 21st October, 2009

Usually they're 16x16, but I've seen a few that go up to 25 or so!
Posted by Strife 21st October, 2009

That's a pretty cool idea - making limited edition tags that disappear after a while. In a way, it rewards users who are reasonably active if they get a tag that they like.

Although... now I wish I had gotten the Sonic tag. D: Oh well, at least I got Mario.
Posted by Codemonkey 21st October, 2009

Monthly my foot.
Posted by Rikus 21st October, 2009

I changed the tag line just for you CM.
Posted by Sumo148 21st October, 2009

I would definitely buy the devil! Too bad I don't have 1200 points
Posted by OMC 22nd October, 2009

I'm actually thinking something similar to Cecil. The finger isn't the same as \m/ you know.
Posted by Rikus 22nd October, 2009

Well he could be giving the thumbs up, but if more people have a problem with the pixel devil i can always remove him. No probs.
Posted by OMC 22nd October, 2009

I don't think it's too big of a deal. It's just kind of... blaring. Oh hi there!
Posted by MBK 22nd October, 2009

I'm still annoyed that I'm like the only person who didn't buy the tags when they were 25 pts, then they raised them all ridiculously.

Now they're making it so you can't get them anymore and replacing them with even worse ones? wtf?
And these ones are too much too ...

why bother

Posted by Del Duio 22nd October, 2009

Any chance we could sell tags we bought for even 1/2 the original cost? I like the evil clicker but God damn it's 2000 points I'd spend on that spinning turd or the pac man ghost
Posted by Rikus 22nd October, 2009

MBK you can really boost your points by writing reviews or posting articles etc. Tags will change every month.
Posted by Rikus 22nd October, 2009

I also just lowered the prices for the tags. Hopefully this looks a bit better!
Posted by OMC 23rd October, 2009

I get an error when I try to buy one.
Posted by UrbanMonk 23rd October, 2009

I still can't buy any, error error error
Posted by Rikus 23rd October, 2009

Could be related to the old tag system. OMC try now, you can put the old tags back after.
Posted by Rikus 23rd October, 2009

Urbanmonk give it a go
Posted by OMC 23rd October, 2009

"Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a000d'

Type mismatch: 'htags'

/config2LOCAL.asp, line 1031"

Posted by Rikus 23rd October, 2009

What worked for me is to remove all your tags including the ones you have "hidden" Then buy a tag from the store, this should catch the new code and then you can add your old tags again. We should tell flava or club about this but it has something to do with the tags that are not available in the store
Posted by OMC 23rd October, 2009

Well it wouldn't be such a chore to do that but the tag manager wigs out on me.
Posted by MBK 25th October, 2009

What's the reason for removing tags from the store instead of just adding more?
Are there only so many tag slots or something the way it's coded?
I don't understand. Why remove any tags at all?

Posted by OMC 25th October, 2009

It's a limited-time only offer! You get a tag while it's available, you've got a rare tag.


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