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TDC KlikCast Halloween Compo
News posted 29th October, 2009 by Rikus  
Wow, I just finished reviewing all of the games for the TDC klikcast Compo, and I just had to say my thanks to everyone who submitted a game! Not only was I amazing by the high quality of these entries, I had a really hard time scoring these! But in the end only 1 can win, and yes I did pick a winner. All the games will be shown with their final score on next weeks klikcast!!

Since I was so impressed with all the entries, I am going to give all the entries (AaronKI, Aden, Callebo Gaming, PixelRebirth, 3kliksphilip, SoftWarewolf, Xhunterko, and Eternal Man) 1000 TDC points for creating and submitting these games, and I hope you will all continue to work on them.

Also Third place will now receive 2000 points, second, 3000, while the winner will earn a spanking 5000 dc points with a cool prize send by me personally by mail to the winners home address. Coolio Spankies! So join me next week for a very spooky episode of klikcast! And if you have not played some of the halloween games yet please take the time to check them out! The creators would love to hear your input.

Click here to go to the main Halloween Compo 09 page.

Posted by ELC_Games 30th October, 2009

I wonder if I'm the only one getting this, but the link just brings me to the Lylian project page? Just saying, that might need to be fixed.
Posted by Sumo148 30th October, 2009

lol, me too
Posted by Robert Dowling 30th October, 2009

I'm in UR Halloween Compo news...

... Linking my lylians!
Posted by OMC 30th October, 2009

"Coolio Spankies" should be the official TDC catchphrase.
Posted by Rikus 30th October, 2009

Lol sorry guys, it has been fixed

And yes Coolio Spankies rules!


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