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New Project Update: Spud's Quest
News posted 6th November, 2009 by Rikus  
The always great ChrisD -hugs- Has updated his project page with some super awesome screenshots of his latest game Spud's Quest. My jaw hit the floor, that is some amazing sprite work! Cant wait to also play this great game!

Comments from ChrisD: Spud's quest is a platform adventure puzzler inspired by the classic Dizzy series by The Oliver Twins. Yeh so I opened up Spuds again a few days ago and been working on it, so hopefully soon i'll get it finished.

Click here to go to the project page for Spud's Quest!

Oh Ps. We have received some comments with people having issues registering, this is what Clubsoft had to say: " I can only guess that either the username, or the display name they're choosing is actually in use, it can be a little missleading; you need both username, and display name to be unique and not in use" I also tried registering myself with a different username and it worked. If anyone has any probs in the future be sure to let us know! (

Posted by MasterM 6th November, 2009

recently i saw rhysd is still alive and now i see mr chrisd isnt dead either- im quite surprised and im wondering whatever happened to mr hamish mcleoad's (or however you spell that) factorX - the version he wanted to sell. where are all those old faind people anyways nowadays?
Posted by TheoX 6th November, 2009



I am SO happy that ChrisD took this back up. I had no idea if it was dead or not, since he never replied to my email. I've been waiting forever for Spuds Quest to be continued.

This made my day!
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Comment edited by TheoX on 11/6/2009
Posted by ChrisD 6th November, 2009

haha yeh sorry I didn't reply I planned to put something on here to answer your question sooner lol


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