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Open Source Month : Week 1
News posted 7th November, 2009 by Knudde (Shab)  
Well just the first week out and we already have 4 open source projects that have been submitted! Seems like everyone is getting in the spirit of OSM! Feel free to drop encouragement/words of thanks to the authors in the comments of this post!

First up we have Disthron who has released the source for his platforming Monsters Vs. Aliens fangame demo he released a while back.

Click here to download this open source game!

Not wanting to be let out of the fun, Ricky Garces has also submitted his game Ladders 2 with full open source! If you're looking for a good implementation of a level editor, this is a great resource!

Click here to download this open source game!

Jthongbai has also gotten in the spirit of OSM with his submittal of his Tower Defence Engine, a genre I haven't seen in klik form since Kramy's Invasion of the Mini Bots (Which was before such a genre had a proper name). It includes everything you need to make your own Tower Defense game!

Click here to download this open source engine!

Last, but not least, we have PMO Four Direction Platform Shooter Engine from Jon C-B which is exactly what it sounds like. While not exactly fitting in with our guidelines for OSM, it certainly fits in the spirit of OSM.

Click here to download this open source engine!

Just a single week in and we're already cruising right along! Thanks to everyone who is helping to make OSM a big success in just this short time!

Posted by [DELETED] 8th November, 2009

I tried to find Kramy's Invasion of the Mini Bots but no luck, it seems Kramy has not been here for years according to his profile. People seemed really into his game in the comments, I hope I can generate the same interest with my project (plus the fact that it's open-source!).
Posted by Sumo148 9th November, 2009

I have 2 open source tutorials for OINC. I'll be posting them up soon!

1. Online Lobby (Solgryn tutorial plus a little coding of my own to perfect it)
2. Chat Room with a "kicking player" option (it was a tutorial for a guy at the CT forums)


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