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2BeeGames Finalists Announced!
News posted 9th November, 2009 by OMC  
Over at the Indie Contest for the rest of us, 2BeeGames, the finalists in the 2009 contest have been announced! From here on out the "hive" votes on their favorite entries, and the winner gets a console publishing deal and 10,000 smackaroos! That's not all though, because you don't have to win the contest to get a publishing deal. If you have a game you think has a chance, you can still upload it and have people play it. Specifically, Bumps from last year was not the winner or community favorite but is in the talks for a publishing deal.

A notable entrant that made it to the finals this year is Bullets of a Revolver, by Diefox.

And now, where you come in.
Support your fellow Clickers! Go play, rate, favorite, and vote for the MMF2 games that tickle your fancy! If you have one submitted, send it to me and I'll update this list! I'll probably poke everyone in the eye about it until the contest is over, too.

2BeeGames submissions made by TDC members:
Bullets of a Revolver by Diefox
Bombie Zombie and Coal by Codemonkey
Scrolling Survivor by Zoglu

Posted by Fanotherpg 10th November, 2009

For 10 finalists 4 are game maker 1 MMF2 1 XNA 1 C++ and 3 Flash
Posted by Robert Dowling 10th November, 2009

Bam! Voted

Good luck!
Posted by Zoglu 10th November, 2009

I submitted a demo of Scrolling Survivor :
Good luck to Bullets of a Revolver
Posted by OMC 10th November, 2009

Posted by Zoglu 11th November, 2009

Thank you


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