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Click Games in the Independent Games Festival
News posted 20th November, 2009 by OMC  
Fine fellow Fanotherpg has alerted me to the presence of a few click games in this year's Independent Games Festival.

In the main competition are Lylian by Robert Dowling and Nothing by Fifth. (Logan Ames)

In the student competition are Fallover by Hempuli and Mr. Roboto by Willy C.

Keep an eye on the IGF site to see what happens! Also, don't forget about the 2BeeGames competition! Unfortunately, Bullets of a Revolver was knocked out of the finals, but you can still go play the click games and rate them so more people will play them!

2BeeGames submissions made by TDC members:
Bullets of a Revolver by Diefox
Bombie Zombie and Coal by Codemonkey
Scrolling Survivor by Zoglu

Posted by Strife 20th November, 2009

Whoooo, GO KLIK! Bring home the gold, guys!
Posted by Fanotherpg 20th November, 2009

If I missed any game I apologize I just looked at game titles and authors so if someone changed something, or I didn't recognize it from screenshoot it's not here.
Posted by Willy C 20th November, 2009

Good luck. Hope I don't get nominated, a plane trip to San Fransisco scares the bejebus out of me.
Posted by Ski 20th November, 2009

Why does that scare you?
Posted by Willy C 20th November, 2009

I am terrified of flying. It's the worst!
But I guess some Valium would go a long way! Hurray for drugs!
Posted by Ski 20th November, 2009

All you'd get is perhaps a bit of turbulence. I don't mind flying I just find it boring, and they never get the air temperature right in the cabins, especially on flights to the USA, the air is dry and cold

Last year we were flying back to the UK, two hours away from Ireland and we had to turn the plane around and fly all the way back to Canada thanks to a guy with an aortic aneurysm, who shouldn't have been flying in the first place That added another 5 hours to the plane flight

But anyway congrats on being entered
Posted by Willy C 21st November, 2009

I wish "boring" and temperatures was my main concern. I literary think I am going to die. And not just during flight, also the weeks leading up to it
Posted by Ski 21st November, 2009

Well when you think hundreds of flights are made to these places on a weekly basis, and they never crash (at least ones to SF) Why would it happen to you?
Posted by OMC 21st November, 2009

Where do you live? Could you drive or take a boat?
Posted by Willy C 21st November, 2009

I live in Norway, would be quite the trip. It would be just like the immigrants of the early 1900's seeing the statue of liberty slowly creeping over the horizon as I enter the harbor of New York, awesome!

Don't think I have to worry though, most of the entries look awesome!
Posted by UrbanMonk 21st November, 2009

I've flown more times than I can remember. It's not scary at all. It's just like riding a bus.

I've only flown inside the US though, so I guess I could understand the fear a little.
Posted by Codemonkey 22nd November, 2009

Posted by OMC 22nd November, 2009

I feel like I've gone back in time. Things have been unsaid!
Posted by Codemonkey 22nd November, 2009

Posted by Dr. James MD 22nd November, 2009

Ah flying is nothing, it sounds risky when you think that you're sitting between 2 (hopefully) fuelled wings with a high octane fuel. Actually one time I did get a bit nervous about flying on the way back from Barcelona with teh girlfriend, I bought Kirby's Nightmare in Dreamland for the GBA at the airport to take my mind off it... I beat half the game before we landed .

But yea good luck chaps!
Posted by Robert Dowling 23rd November, 2009

I've only flown once, from Sydney to LA (well twice if you count the return), took 23 hours. My legs kept going numb from the lack of blood running to them. So I drank a lot of alcohol which didn't help that, but did help with the sleeping.


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