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News posted 30th November, 2009 by OMC  
Dude, that title gives me a game idea. Anyway! SiLVERFIRE is looking for some feedback on his original concept, True Diamond. This puzzler has some fantastic HD visuals and a pretty solid construction. This is just a demo version, but goes a long way to show you what the final product will be like.

Comments from the author: "True Diamond is a unique puzzle/arcade game designed in Multimedia Fusion 2 using the Hardware Acceleration build. The object of the game is to destroy all the diamonds by moving the ball around left and right while it bounces up and down automatically. There are a variety of puzzle elements to the game, a lot of which involve changing the color of the ball, which adds to the difficulty."

Download the True Diamond Demo and give your thoughts! As a special bonus, and in the spirit of promoting constructive criticism, I will give 50 DC points to the first 25 members to post a useful comment.

Posted by Silveraura 30th November, 2009

I love you long time. :3
Posted by Rikus 1st December, 2009

Omc beat me to it, darn work


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