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New Flash Game: Elementum
News posted 14th December, 2009 by OMC  
What ho! Already? Nick has an MMF2 Flash game called Elementum up on Facebook! This simple little tile matching game may seem unassuming, but is quite polished and is just a teaser for all of the goodies clickers will be plaguing facebook with in the near future.

From the download page: "Elementum is a 'puzzle' game originally based on Bejeweled, but it's changed a bit since then. The aim of the game is to link up 2 or more tiles of the same type to destroy them. Single tiles can be destroyed however this takes a lot longer than tiles in a combo. The more tiles you get in a combo, the more points you score (substantially more for big combos). Match the tiles you destroy with the bonus tile (on the right) for triple points!"

Play Elementum

Posted by Strife 15th December, 2009

Facebook, eh? ^___^ It would be really awesome if an extension was developed in the future for this - like, you could tell your MMF2 apps to load Facebook profile pictures in the game, or to have the option to display "announcements" on a user's wall after achieving certain things.
Posted by -Nick- 15th December, 2009

It is perfectly possible to display facebook data in the game through the Get extension.

The game does post a story to the users profile when you achieve a high score.
Posted by OMC 15th December, 2009

How hard was it to get the facebook app up and running? I remember looking into it a while back and being confused.
Posted by -Nick- 15th December, 2009

Harder than making the game in MMF. But perfectly possible for anyone has an alright understanding of PHP, there are good resources out there to help you.
Posted by Disthron 15th December, 2009

So, I'd be interested to know if he programed this from scratch of if he used the game board extension. That's something I'm really interested in. How is the extension comparability with the flash exporter and the mobile java exporter? Is there a master list of what dose and dose not work with them?
Posted by MJK 15th December, 2009

This is just great, didn't think I'd saw this day coming and here it is today. The flash runtime opens so many new doors for MMF2 users to really get their content out there. Elementum worked nicely for me except the blank page issue.

Nick, how do you feel about writing maybe an article about the topic to educate the rest of us on what steps you need to take when setting up an MMF2 Facebook to use the Get extension to interact with the API..your experiences as a pioneer of this field.. I'm sure many would find that more than interesting.
Posted by -Nick- 15th December, 2009

I will consider writing a basic article once the Flash exporter has been released!
Posted by MJK 15th December, 2009

Great! looking forward to it.


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