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Clickteam/GameBuilder Twenty Event Competition!
News posted 15th December, 2009 by Jon Lambert  
There's just such a waterfall of news today! Hot on the heels of the new flash export press release and Nick's two new games, Clickteam and GameBuilder have announced the sequel to the original Twenty Event Competition! That one produced quite a few interesting games, and I'm hoping that this one will be quite interesting! Don't forget to get a GameBuilder account so you can participate! I'm planning on entering, and I hope you all are too (not really, 'cause I want to win! :D)!

A few words from the announcement: Clickteam and GameBuilder are bringing you an amazing competition, with the best and most prizes we've ever had before. We have 10 prizes that will be awarded to the top 10 placing games. The first place winner will get first choice of prizes, followed by second place, etc. The prizes are: Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer or $369 via PayPal - quantity: 1 (donated by Clickteam) 1 GB 3.1 megapixel Mini digital video camera - quantity: 1 (donated by Clickteam) 1 GB MP3/Multimedia Entertainment Player - quantity: 1 (donated by Clickteam) 1 Year of Standard Web Hosting from - quantity: 2 (donated by AtomicPages Web Hosting) Clickteam Hats - quantity: 5 (donated by Clickteam). The Deadline for Entries is February 14th, 2010 at 11:59PM GMT

Click here for more information!

Posted by OMC 15th December, 2009

Posted by Solgryn 15th December, 2009

I'll be entering for sure =D, just need to think of a game idea -.-
Posted by lembi2001 15th December, 2009

I remember this last year. I might enter but not sure what to make yet....
Posted by Pixelthief 15th December, 2009

I'm going to be in this year.

But I will be aiming for technical wizardry :')
Posted by nim 15th December, 2009

Thanks for the heads up, Jon. I'll try to put something together this year.
Posted by Ski 15th December, 2009

You had better
Posted by nim 15th December, 2009

Hahaha! I honestly don't have time to make stuff, but I'll try. Must register at, too.
Posted by Zephni 15th December, 2009

Sorry never done this before but id like to give it a shot. When they say 20 events... Does that meen 20 conditions? Or actual events.

Posted by Pixelthief 15th December, 2009

You can read their full rules- its something like 20 events per frame for up to 4 frames, with up to 4 conditions per event. I will be attempting something quite daring, and if I get it done in 20 events in will be a miracle. But I definitely know exactly what I'm going to try to do
Posted by Pixelthief 15th December, 2009

Hrmm ok theres no way I'm going to manage chess in less than 50 lines of code I managed to write pretty much the whole AI within 30 lines
Posted by UrbanMonk 15th December, 2009

Well there's always checkers.
Posted by Pixelthief 15th December, 2009

Posted by Ricky 15th December, 2009

maybe a 20 event 3D engine
Posted by Poobical 15th December, 2009

Mmmmm, well I cant make anything like OMG AMAZING in techincal terms...might just have to make something that looks fun and is funny as Robocop on crack =
Posted by HitmanN 16th December, 2009

I think I'll join this one as well. I need to try new things with MMF2. Will probably turn out something cliché though, lol.
Posted by UrbanMonk 16th December, 2009

Imma make construct in 20 events.
Posted by Levirules 20th December, 2009

I can't think of anything other than point and click style shoot the bullseye kinda games that would fit in 20 events... I'm working on a few hundred and only just started adding enemies... I'm thinking this is going to have to use the built in movement... bleh
<br />
Edit.. I just checked out some of the entries from last year... a couple of them are really impressive that they were able to do them in 20 events
Comment edited by Levirules on 12/21/2009


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