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Download Feature: Spacebar (Freeware Edition)
News posted 21st December, 2009 by OMC  
Time for another (cue echoing sound system) OMC's Downloooad Feaaatuuure! (ture ture ture ture....) Here's a download you probably ignored. O'Shamus on you. Spacebar (In free-D!) by Softwarewolf is a spiffy little funware controlled with only the mouse!

Comments from the author: "This is quite a challenge, you control a rotating stick with your mouse pointer (SpaceBar) and have to avoid all obstacles to survive trough various levels before your energy bar runs out. The energy drains slowly by spending to much time, and you lose a bunch if you hit something and fail."

The game has 60 levels, is now $15 cheaper, and comes with a level editor. Softwarewolf has also ever so graciously included the option to go for a zip or setup file, for all of us registry perfectionists.

Click here to download the game.
As an OMCDFOFA, (Pronounced "Aumcoodoofohfah;" OMC's download feature of fun awesomeness) the next 3 people to post a useful comment on the download page will receive 50 points.

Posted by weka 21st December, 2009

Oh, wow, finally a unique game with a bit of style. I can't wait to see how hard it is when I finally buy it! >
Posted by UrbanMonk 21st December, 2009

It's free, there is no version to purchase.
Posted by Strife 21st December, 2009

I was wondering when someone would post a news update about a new download.

Something tells me that this would play really well with a Wiimote. Just imagine being able to move and even rotate the SpaceBar that way.
Posted by The Chris Street 21st December, 2009

Kuru Kuru Kurin!
Posted by OMC 22nd December, 2009

Go forth to yonder comment page and receiveth thine points!
Posted by weka 22nd December, 2009

Posted by OMC 22nd December, 2009

The next 3 people to post a useful comment on the download page will receive 50 points.


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