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New Game: Steeplechase Redux
News posted 21st December, 2009 by OMC  
Solgryn has uploaded a new game called Steeplechase Redux that he made in one hour after watching some videos of old Atari games.

Comments from the author: "The way it works is that you must adjust your jump height to get speed bonus when you jump over the blocks. If it's a high box, jump high. If it's a low box, jump low. Just as close to the box without hitting it to get awesome speed bonuses!"

It's a simple game with some awesome Atari vibes going on. Plus, it's a Solgrame! Bahaha.

Click here to download Steeplechase Redux.

Posted by Solgryn 21st December, 2009

Lawls, wasn't expecting front page Thanks =D


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