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Merry Gear Solid 2
News posted 28th December, 2009 by OMC  
What in Pickled Pigs' Feet...? This looks like an IndieGames feature! By Jove, it is! The Podunkian, perhaps better known as Arthur Lee, recently released a refinement of a readily-available reimagining of a reknowned series. We shall all rejoice and relax as we relish this rewarding... re-adventure. AUGH. @_@

Comments from the feature: "Merry Gear Solid 2: Ghost of Christmas Past is a fan-made tribute to a popular series of stealth espionage games, created by a developer who has a clear understanding and respect for canon material. Many of the tools used on the field have been renamed and redesigned with the Christmas theme in mind, but the way these equipment are handled will feel very similar to their original counterparts."

I hear it's quite good. Click here to read the IndieGames blog post and findeth thyself a download link.

Posted by Jon Lambert 28th December, 2009

This game is pure awesome!
Posted by Rikus 28th December, 2009 <-- front page worthyness
Posted by Ricky 28th December, 2009

Everything Pod makes is gold
Posted by Rhys D 28th December, 2009

I got the reindeer mask and then couldn't continue because it wasn't in my inventory and the guard would spot me every time


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