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GOTM November 2009!
News posted 6th January, 2010 by Jon Lambert  
Ooh, um... looks like we're a tad late on this GOTM, and it looks like it was a close battle! With only three points between it and second place, Ladders 2 by Ricky is the winner of November's GOTM! Ricky will be receiving 2500 points and a nice new golden trophy!

In close second place was 3kliksphilip and his entry for GameBuilder's Halloween competition, The Bat Sweeper! A silver trophy and 1000 points for him!

In third place, we have Miner 2049er Again by danjo! A bronze trophy and 500 DC points for danjo!

Prepare you three for your incoming prizes, and for the rest of you, prepare for December's GOTM coming soon, and how about you get to work on your own masterpieces as well! See if you can't win!

Posted by OMC 6th January, 2010

Congrats guys! And thanks for doing the GOTM, Jon.
Posted by Jon Lambert 6th January, 2010

Yup, no problem!
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 6th January, 2010

I mean absolutely no disrespect, but Ladders 2 appears to be a pretty generic platformer for all intents and purposes, and it's sad to see a game like The Bat Sweeper, which attempts to add a new and interesting mechanic to a tired old formula, lose to something that appears to be nothing more than every platforming cliche ever conceived crammed into one game. Even the boss fight in the video was a direct rip-off of the final encounter with Bowser in Mario 3.

Feel free to ignore my opinion, though. I haven't actually played Ladders 2 so my opinion of it is based solely on the video on the download page. This might be a bad move on my part.

Still, congratulations to all, and I must stress that it is not my intention to insult the winner. Nice work, guys.
Posted by Ricky 6th January, 2010

No offence taken, Although I recommend you try it
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 6th January, 2010

I will, and I just noticed the level editor screenshot, which definitely earns you bonus points. I'll download it and tell you what I think, with any luck you'll make me regret opening my mouth before I tried the goods.
Posted by Xhunterko 6th January, 2010

And don't forget that ladders 2 is open source as well. Go ladders 2! Congrats to the others as well!
Posted by W3R3W00F 7th January, 2010

Congrats, Ricky! Ladders 2 was le' fun!
Posted by Va1entine 7th January, 2010

I think 3kliksphilip was robbed of the number 1 spot on this occasion, although Ladders 2 was technically superior i think that the Bat Sweeper was the most fun to play and it was just so diffrent from the generic platformer. I'm not saying that Ladders 2 was a bad game on the contary i felt that Ladders 1 was massively under rated! Its always atough call when 2 really good games go head to head!
Posted by Va1entine 7th January, 2010

Good job from both partys! Two great games and two great clickers!!!!
Posted by Jon Lambert 7th January, 2010

You people leaving out danjo's excellent Miner 2049er Again...
Posted by SoftWarewolf 7th January, 2010


I am hoping for the new edition of Spacebar to have a go at the next gotm.
After releasing it for free, i also spent my holiday updating it with an interesting upgrade tree using collectible gems, and i added some new music!
Posted by canavaro99 7th January, 2010

Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 8th January, 2010

I tried your game as promised, Ricky, and you'll find that I spent some time reviewing it for you. Check it out if you please.
Posted by Ricky 8th January, 2010

Thanks. You did a really good job writing that review


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