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News posted 22nd January, 2010 by OMC  
Or maybe just some of your creations. The Klikdisc! Wooden Elephant Fuzzy Burpcicles, as Kisguri is sometimes known in Gwerdy (Direct download; Clickteam forum username and password required), has yet again forewarned us of the landing of the martia--next issue of the compilation of klikkers' works!

"The first issue of Klikdisc will be released Feb 1st-ish (lol) and their is still time for you to submit your creation to the disc, Freeware, shareware, Demo's or apps. [...] We hope to make Klikdisc more successful in 2010 so we can have cooler more relevant content brought you way.

Click here to see the current list of to-be-included wares and a link to the submission form. Oh, and remember that the publication is much more professional than my silly news posts about it.

Posted by Kisguri 22nd January, 2010

I thought the post was quite professional!
Posted by OMC 22nd January, 2010

Posted by Solgryn 22nd January, 2010

I need to finish some games.. also the link to BBBA II in the header isnt working it takes you to another project page..
Posted by OMC 22nd January, 2010

Now it is!
Posted by Marko 22nd January, 2010

OMC, you're above "professional" mate!
Posted by Ski 23rd January, 2010

Sad to see OMC being the only admin to post news recently. What happened to the wonderful Robert Rule?
Posted by Rikus 23rd January, 2010

I should be back around March/April full time but wont be able to do much until then.
Posted by Marko 23rd January, 2010

Yeah come to think of it, how is Robert? I like him


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