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Complete Interview With Francois
News posted 27th January, 2010 by OMC  
Some time back I posted some links to 3 parts of a 5-part interview with Francois that took place during the '09 Click Convention. Well, after a small bit of delay, the last two parts are no longer Klikdisc exclusive.

Here are the first three, as a refresher:
Watch Part 1
Watch Part 2
Watch Part 3

And the new goods:
Watch Part 4
Watch Part 5

Enjoy! Thanks again, Fanotherpg. Be sure to check out the downloadable versions too.

Posted by Fanotherpg 27th January, 2010

I know that they can be now a bit hmm outdated, but hey still exclusives are exclusives right? And it's part of our history!

Also in downloads you can check original video files (those two largest ones) send for Klikcast and Klikdisc which weren't used in neither of them fully.
Posted by Xhunterko 28th January, 2010

Subtitles, pretty pretty please???
Posted by Fanotherpg 28th January, 2010

Sorry mate no time to do them :/
Posted by Liquixcat 28th January, 2010

His accent is too strong, I can't understand what either of them are saying.
Posted by Ski 30th January, 2010

I can understand them both You just have to listen, lol.


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