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New Project: Hanuro Hawk
News posted 1st February, 2010 by OMC  
HitmanN has started (and already updated) a project page for his entry into the GB 20 event compo. The game, a traditional vertical shooter, is called Hanuro Hawk, and reeks of old-school arcade fun. The game has 3 levels, 6 different weapons, 9 different enemies, random enemy spawning, a boss, and two game modes. All in under 20 events per frame!

"I'll make the game public a few days before the contest deadline, Feb 12th-13th or so. Still waiting for some musics for the game, so I can't yet release it. However, I can release some teasers. Probably will add a pic or two every few days until release. [...] More teasers in the coming days!"

Check out the Hanuro Hawk Project Page

Posted by HitmanN 1st February, 2010

Thanks for yet another news feature. Although I do have to mention that not ALL of that is under 20 events. The contest name is kinda misleading since you can have four frames with 20 events each. Still, it was more than enough challenge for me. xP

...dammit, now you're making me want to post more teasers, lol.
Posted by OMC 1st February, 2010

Posted by HitmanN 1st February, 2010

Yes, yes. ;P


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