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Same Game, New Name. Download: Galaxia Chronicles Demo
News posted 4th February, 2010 by OMC  
RenatoDep took the time to sweep through The Ion Adventures and rename the entire game to Galaxia Chronicles. So you say, "What in my Great Aunt Stinkerton's sock drawer? This isn't a new game, OMC! You've gone off your rocker!" And you may be right on that last bit, especially since I do not own a rocking chair. But your attention is still deserved! It's apparently better than the first betas we've seen before.

The game sports pre-rendered 3D visuals and cutscenes, and a smashing soundtrack by Johan Hargne. If you haven't already had a look at it, check out the traile--no, you goof, go download the game! It looks as though Renato deleted the Ion Adventures Demo as well, so if you put your two cents in before, you'll have to leave your feedback again!

Download the Galaxia Chronicles Demo

Posted by Strife 5th February, 2010

I've been talking to Renato a lot on MSN over the past few weeks, and he's hired me as a tester for the full version. Once I complete the game, i'll try and write a review of it and attach the review to the demo version here on the DC. That way, people who are thinking about buying the full version will know what to expect.
Posted by OMC 5th February, 2010

Posted by Strife 5th February, 2010

I've submitted my review of the full version:

If anyone here is thinking about buying it when it becomes available, I hope my critique comes in handy.


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