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TDC Video Preview: Dream Jumper
News posted 6th February, 2010 by Rikus  
This is Nicks first game, and I have to say that he did a very good job with this one. Because Dream Jumper will jump you from behind and grab you by surprise with lots of platforming fun to be had.

Comments from the Author: This is my first game ever created on Multimedia Fusion 2. First one that is fully finished anyway. It is a platform game with sub-par graphics, which is due to my lack of artistic ability and not wanting to worry about copyright, cool sounds, custom handling, and custom camera control. The controls are simple: Space Bar to jump, and Arrow keys to move.

Click here to download Dream Jumper !!

Posted by Xhunterko 7th February, 2010

I love watching indie game vids. So I quite love this idea.

(ps, thanks for the blog press to the admins who spotlighted me! I hope I don't dissapoint!)


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