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ImmunityCS 1.5 Released
News posted 7th February, 2010 by OMC  
What is ImmunityCS?

"ImmunityCS (Content Studio) is a fantastic new tool designed to easily create digital content for multimedia. This includes games, applications, web projects, and more! It's hard being an indie company, let alone a hobbyist who is trying to do all the work themselves. ImmunityCS can quickly create the bulk of your MMF projects so that you can work on the finer details that really make your work stand out!"

What's new in 1.5? Well, 1.0 owners get a free upgrade with:

"- iProp - Easily Create Your Own Buildings, Props, etc.)
- ClassBuilder - Import your own 3D Assets into ImmunityCS!
- Compatible with Vista and Windows 7.
- New features to the existing modules ( see website for details! )
- Better Project Management
- Project Backup / Restore
- UI Refresh"

See? I can post without too much of my own blabbage. But what fun is that? Visit the ImmunityCS Project Page for more details and a link to the demo.

Posted by Fanotherpg 8th February, 2010

I'm still wondering if someone from Click Community is using it. Project looked awesome on 2007 CC videos but after that it was almost absolute silence...
Comment edited by Fanotherpg on 2/8/2010
Posted by UrbanMonk 8th February, 2010

Perhaps people new to kliking are.

Their forums are silent as well.
Posted by Fanotherpg 8th February, 2010

And it's why I'm asking it looked great and so on, but... Is it worth it? Maybe if it would be integreted with MMF or something like that.
Posted by Melli Georgiou 9th February, 2010

Hi guys,

We have a dedicated MMF2 Exporter that really makes it easy to integrate with MMF. Here's a vid from version 1.0 that shows how it works.

If you guys have any questions feel free to post in the forums or directly via email.

Thanks for your interest!

- Mel

PS - In ImmunityCS 1.5, the MMF Exporter no longer needs the shadow routines as iCast creates dynamic 3D shadows which are now part of the sprite. Also, we have included support for hotspots (so that the images are trimmed to save on memory and increase performance). All of this is done automatically!

Comment edited by Melli Georgiou on 2/9/2010
Posted by bigredron 11th February, 2010

Yeh not many people seem to be using it, at least by looking at their forums. I guess there would be people who dont post though, much like on clickteam or all the lurkers here


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