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New Download: Hanuro Hawk
News posted 12th February, 2010 by OMC  
HitmanN has uploaded Hanuro Hawk! We featured the project earlier, and now it is complete. If you want to shoot some rockets and lasers and plasma balls at floating hunks of metal, you're covered.

The insane thing? "This is my first finished game since dabbling with Klik'n Play back in the olden days"

Hard to believe. Hanuro Hawk is HitmanN's entry into the Gamebuilder 20 Event Competition. We will no doubt be covering more entries as the competition draws to a close!

Download Hanuro Hawk

Rikus' Update: Why have a picture when you can have a quick Video? Bam! There ya go!

Posted by HitmanN 12th February, 2010

Thanks for the news feature, again.
Posted by OMC 12th February, 2010

Aren't you lucky? Haha.
Posted by nim 12th February, 2010

Very nice presentation! I'll try it properly later. Congratulations, Hitman, for finishing it.
Posted by HitmanN 13th February, 2010

Thanks nim.

I just uploaded v1.02. A pretty annoying bug about overheat alarm not working properly in Marathon mode slipped in the initial release. ^^;
Posted by Rikus 13th February, 2010

Great game Hitmann! Updated the news post with a TDC Quick Video!
Posted by HitmanN 13th February, 2010

Haha, thank you muchly. I was considering making a video myself, but you saved me the trouble. You guys are awesome.
Posted by Dave C 13th February, 2010

FAKE! theres no sound in space.
Posted by HitmanN 13th February, 2010

lol. The sonic wave has had me chuckle a few times, actually. Then again, explosions in space? Homing balls of light as torpedoes? Classic sci-fi mumbo jumbo.
Posted by nim 13th February, 2010

I hate the intro music for these videos. Sorry if someone here made it. Could you just have the game's audio while showing the TDC splash instead (like you do at the end).

ANYWAY, the game is great. Seems to be well-balanced and has a lot of polish.
Posted by Rikus 13th February, 2010

If more people feel like the 3 second intro music is horrible/annoying it can always be changed or removed. I dont really mind either way, just wanted something that stood out at the beginning then from the rest of the video, so yea always open to suggestions. Maybe for the next video I shall experiment a bit with removing the music see how it fits.
Comment edited by Rikus on 2/13/2010
Posted by danjo 13th February, 2010

silence is golden rikus
Posted by Asholay 13th February, 2010

ditto what nim & danjo said...
Posted by Rikus 13th February, 2010

Well then you wishes shall be listened to. Check out the upcoming video for the changes. Thanks guys!


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