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New Quick Video: Peetoo's Revenge
News posted 13th February, 2010 by Rikus  
I have been having a great deal of fun playing these classic games! And to start the weekend off great, the caretaker has uploaded yet another classic game called Peetoo's Revenge! A fun cartoony platformer that should really be in your collection!

Comments from the Author: Sidescrolling platform/shooter game. Help Peetoo foil the ungood plans of his evil little brother! 15 levels * Funney cutscenes * All original graphics * All unoriginal music * KITTY LITTER * Special 2002 level 0 included!!!

Click here to download Peetoo's Revenge !!

Also as suggested by Nim, Danjo and Asholay (thanks guys!) I streamlined the quick video a bit more by removing the intro music and replacing it with the actual gameplay music.

Posted by OMC 13th February, 2010

Much better with the game's music.
Posted by HitmanN 13th February, 2010

If I may suggest, have couple of second of silence in the beginning, perhaps until the game starts to fade in. It'd create anticipation, me thinks. And would generally work as a "sssh, the movie's starting" phase.

That's just me though. Still, it's now better with focus on the game music itself.
Posted by Marko 13th February, 2010

Yeah i prefere these videos now with the game's own music, however i must admit the music before wasn't a problem for me. Kudos to Rikus for adapting so quickly to negative feedback and special kudos to the caretaker for Peetoo's Revenge - looks like fun and i'll defo go download....
Posted by nim 14th February, 2010

I like this much better Nice work on the videos, Rikus.
Posted by G. Hull 14th February, 2010

Hehe, the blue character looks like Yoshi
Posted by Dave C 14th February, 2010

this was one of the best click games ever. really hard too, i don't think i ever beat it.


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