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Download 20 Event Competition Entries
News posted 15th February, 2010 by OMC  
Our buddy pal pals over at Gamebuilder last night closed the doors to entrants in the 20 event competition.

Comments from KetchupMaster: "I am just completely astonished that we received 45 compo entries! Maybe the most popular klik contest ever! Great job everyone and thank you to everyone who has submitted a game. They will all be made public very soon."

From what I've seen, we've got some fantastic game playing and code perusing to do. Keep an eye out for updates as the judges grade the entries and decide who the winners are!

To download the entire boatload of open-source entries, visit the newspost.

Posted by Pixelthief 15th February, 2010

very sad I didn't get time to work on this as I had planned on. I actually managed to get a mostly functional chess AI program down to about 35 lines of code, but the darned pawn movement is a pain (every other piece captures the same way it moves!)
Posted by Fanotherpg 15th February, 2010

PT, Pawn in some situation also moves as it captures
Posted by Pixelthief 15th February, 2010

Well it always moves as it captures sans en passant, but it doesn't capture as it moves! :3
Posted by Sketchy 15th February, 2010

I'm actually quite glad I didn't bother entering now - the standard of entries is really very high, and I would have just embarrassed myself.
Maybe I should start making a game now though, as there's bound to be another 20-event competition after the success of the last two



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