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New Quick Video: ZDay20
News posted 15th February, 2010 by Rikus  
Those Zombies are at it again! Good thing we have our bloody knife and our trusty gun to blow some brains all over the grass! Yea! Andrew and Jess bring us a bloody good zombie survival game as part of the gb 20 event compooo!

Comments from the Author:It's been 20 days since the zombies first appeared. Now, the only important aspect of your life is survival. Scientifically speaking, the undead can't live forever unless they continue to feed on humans... or so we hope. Play one of two scenarios through the eyes of a ZDay survivor. Barricade yourself inside a tiny room and pray that you can last until tomorrow, or run out guns-a-blazing. It's up to you. But the end is near, so you may as well keep score

Click here to download ZDay20 !!

Posted by Rikus 15th February, 2010

Darn they had me cornered a couple of times! (See end of video) But danrit I frickin blew them away! YEA! Great game btw!
Comment edited by Rikus on 2/15/2010
Posted by Johnny Look 15th February, 2010

looks pretty fun though the game really could use some sort of path finding system for the zombies and its visible why in the video.

Downloading anyway
Posted by Marko 15th February, 2010

Da-da-da-da-daaa, i'm lovin' it!
Posted by OMC 15th February, 2010

Great, now I want a burger.
Posted by HitmanN 15th February, 2010

Looks really good, but I wonder how it'll do with rule 18. Blood and killing people, even if zombies, isn't usually quite 'suitable for all ages' stuff. ^^;

Gotta try this soon, anyhow.
Posted by noahsummers 16th February, 2010

This game is INTENSE! Hands down the best point-and-click top-down type shooter I've ever played.
Posted by Fanotherpg 16th February, 2010

blendroid so that means that you didn't play NAAC.


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