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New Quick Video: Samhain
News posted 20th February, 2010 by Rikus  
Why have one Hishnak game... when you could be playing 2!? Step into a world filled with magic and nightmares, in this second classic and more recent platformer made by Hishnak.. we miss ya come backkk!

Comments from Hishnak: Samhains the ancient Celtic word for Halloween. I did a little research to come up with some facts about Halloween and thatís what I based my game on. This was originaly made for the KA halloween compo. Its about a man who gets accused of being possessed by a spirit but hey doesnít buy in and tries to escape from the druids who want to burn him. The only way he can prove his innocence it travel to the druid temple and put out the sacred flame.

Click here to download Samhain !!

Posted by The Chris Street 20th February, 2010

I loved Hishnaks work. Although almost every game looked and played the same.

Just think of what he could be capable of now, with MMF2 and improved coding abilities. Parallax scrolling... massive adventures and of course, sumptuous graphics

He was also a really nice guy too
Posted by Xhunterko 21st February, 2010

Pretty epic for a halloween game. Very nice!
Posted by markno2 22nd February, 2010

This game reminds me of the time we would get ten great Super_NES-like platformers per week. ;p


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