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Radix Wins Award For Game
News posted 22nd February, 2010 by The Chris Street  
This might be oldish news, but TDC member Radix has been working on a new game called Gnilley, and he took it to the Global Game Jam in Syndey to demonstrate.

The game took the award of Most Original Game, and is well worth keeping an eye on. How did I find this out? Purely by chance, as it was mentioned in the UKs GamesMaster magazine (Issue 223, April 2010), where Radix was mentioned under his real name. The big question though - was Gnilley created in MMF?

Posted by Callebo 22nd February, 2010

Oh my god, I've seen this presentation before
I just tried it... My throat is soar :c
Posted by AndyUK 22nd February, 2010

Yeah I saw the video a while back, I don't think it is made with MMF2 because of the lack of microphone support.
I guess I could ask him what he used?
Posted by Hernan 22nd February, 2010

That's cool. I didn't know it was Radix.
Posted by OMC 22nd February, 2010

I think I saw it on TIGS sometime back. Very funny.
Posted by Jason Orme 22nd February, 2010

lol, i've actually got tears of laughter.
Posted by HitmanN 22nd February, 2010

Funny idea, I chuckled a bit.

But honestly... I seriously hope this doesn't become a trend. There's enough hustle and bustle in the neighborhood on weekends, without people having yelling fests at their PC's. >_>;

How about a game where you'll die instantly if you make even a hint of sound while you play? xP That'd be awesome.
Posted by OMC 22nd February, 2010

Swear Jar: The game.
Posted by Fanotherpg 22nd February, 2010

There was Microphone objects.
Posted by Falcon Eaglehawk 22nd February, 2010

I'd reckon that it's coded with Python since there's a file called python26.dll in the game folder.
Posted by Matt Boothman 22nd February, 2010 - words from the man himself.
Posted by Cecilectomy 22nd February, 2010

Posted by Dustin Gunn 22nd February, 2010

I doubt it's made in mmf but perhaps construct
Posted by Ski 23rd February, 2010

Posted by W3R3W00F 23rd February, 2010

That's just awesome. Radix ftw!
Posted by Fanotherpg 23rd February, 2010

The only thing which I found is that it records not what are you saying but volume of what are you saying so you it's possible to be made in MMF with microphone object IMHO.
Posted by Rikus 23rd February, 2010

Now that was classic. Loved it!
Posted by AndyUK 23rd February, 2010

There's also the fact Radix used Construct to make a few of his more recent releases (Standard waiver and that 3e Zelda engine). That makes me think he just doesn't use MMF2 anymore.
Posted by Marko 23rd February, 2010

Man that looked like fun. And i hope it was made using Construct - the more serious competition for MMF, the better for us all i say!
Posted by nim 23rd February, 2010

Haha, that's a great idea.
Posted by W3R3W00F 23rd February, 2010

You can download a small build here.
Posted by Dave C 23rd February, 2010

i don't mean to sound like a hater or anything... but this whole 'indie' scene is so.. pretentious? haha i don't know.. aside from the gimmicky screaming into a microphone this 'game' is complete rubbish, yet theres a whole audience of people absolutely loving it.

Imagine if this came out on Wii or something, it would be condemned as the ultimate shovelware gimmick game. but because it's 'indie' it becomes some awesome 'experimental' 'artsy' masterpiece. im off to make a game about watching a timer run out!
Posted by Marko 24th February, 2010

You make an interesting point, Dave C
Posted by OMC 24th February, 2010

The audience loves it because the presentation is hilarious. Sure, you wouldn't play it for hours like an RPG, but it has its place as a short and entertaining idea. I completely agree that the indie scene can be pretentious, but this is a perfect example of what the scene started from. It's a game that can be stupid but still funny/fun because millions of dollars weren't poured into making it and you aren't expected to spend hours on it. It's meant to be a chuckle!

How long could you sit and listen to knock knock jokes? It's like that. A good, surprising one can be funny, especially when enjoyed en masse. Several in a row would get boring, but that's when you innovate.
Posted by Marko 24th February, 2010

You also make an interesting point, OMC
Posted by The Chris Street 24th February, 2010

Well, the sequel is in development, it would be very interesting if Radix could get the game to react to certain words rather than just volume of noise and pitch.

Theres no way you could make a big game out of this because of the limitations, but it does pave the way for other ideas using the microphone, ala Nintendogs.
Posted by Radix 25th February, 2010

Just to clarify: the game was made entirely at the Game Jam.

It was made using Construct with in-line Python for microphone handling.
The goal with the sequel is to cover as many possible uses for the gimmick as possible and change things up constantly so I wouldn't be surprised if we end up playing with recognition a little bit.

I wasn't aware this had hit any magazines yet (I know of some coming up), and if anyone could send me scan/s I'd really appreciate it.
Posted by Cecilectomy 25th February, 2010

"Imagine if this came out on Wii or something, it would be condemned as the ultimate shovelware gimmick game. but because it's 'indie' it becomes some awesome 'experimental' 'artsy' masterpiece. im off to make a game about watching a timer run out!"

youre forgetting that that is the whole POINT of the indie scene. to do things the mainstream cant or wont because it is too risky. indie developers can do whatever the hell they want cause it doesnt matter if it nobody likes or accepts it. they do it because they CAN.
Posted by Dave C 25th February, 2010

"Just to clarify: the game was made entirely at the Game Jam."

that changes everything

and ebenzer, i see what you mean.. i just think there is so much crappp in the Indie scene that people praise purely because it's indie and not because its fun...

and indie is not only about quirky, experimental games, it's about game designers being independant and free from pushy publishers that want a flavour of the month game rushed out in 6 months.
Posted by Matt Boothman 25th February, 2010

I like games.
Posted by Eight Bit Battle Cat 26th February, 2010

Dave C - I think it's like that within all "scenes". There will always be painters who some people consider bad and others worship. I guess what it comes down to is taste..people have different tastes and that's how the world is. I can't fathom why anyone would willingly listen to German Schlager hits but I don't have to understand it, I just have to accept that some people do.
Posted by looki 27th February, 2010

Well, this game can be quite relaxing after you've been coding for hours and it's still not working.
I know self-advertisement sucks, but I actually made an extension that uses the same library as the game to get the pitch and volume (more or less) from the microphone. It sucks, it's old and I didn't know much about coding back then, but if you want to give it a try anyway, here you go...
Posted by The Chris Street 28th February, 2010

I'll send you a scan Radix, will have to do it Monday evening tho.
Posted by Muz 1st March, 2010

Wtf, I spent like the last 3 months trying to get pitch detection to not suck in MATLAB and someone made an extension without knowing much about coding
Posted by Radix 3rd March, 2010

Cheers Circle.
Posted by Robert Dowling 4th March, 2010

Hahaha that's an awesome game, went well with the crowd too. Well done!


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