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New Download: Princess Jess and the Veggiebulls
News posted 26th February, 2010 by OMC  
In preparation for the NGC2 compo, Mkingy has submitted a platforming game called Princess Jess and the Veggiebulls. You must fight Uno cards. If a game can get any cooler than that, it has yet to be invented. Complete with carrot-shooting weapons of mass card-crumpletion and a hearty dose of music and well-made sprites, this little diversion should do a good job of staving off that ravenous game-snarfing nature you all have.

Comments from the author: "Short platformer I made whilst I didn't visit the community a lot for my friend. ... There's no bonus for collecting all the fruit other than your own joy."

Click here to download Princess Jess and the Veggiebulls

Now please excuse me while I continue to put off writing a research paper that's due at midnight.

Posted by Sumo148 26th February, 2010

ah so thats what you have been putting of when you made that logo for Zombie Swarm Just get it over with. You'll be happier in the end...
Posted by OMC 26th February, 2010

Haha, I should probably get on that. It's just that the subject I'm researching is so... non-researchable.
Posted by Mkingy 26th February, 2010

Thanks for front page And good luck with your research paper!
Posted by OMC 26th February, 2010

Thank you. I'll probably need it.
Posted by Rikus 27th February, 2010

BAM now with super duper quick video cream!
Posted by OMC 27th February, 2010

Thanks Rikus.
Posted by alastair john jack 27th February, 2010

I fight Uno cards in real life!


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