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Lacewing Works With Flash
News posted 2nd March, 2010 by Assault Andy  

In addition to the recent news on MMF2's Flash development, Lacewing also works with Flash.

Click here to join in on an MMF2 Flash Chat Application using the Lacewing extension.

Posted by Rikus 2nd March, 2010

Im there
Posted by Fanotherpg 2nd March, 2010

I'm only waiting for Lacewing Java/Mobile and I will be in heaven.
Posted by UrbanMonk 2nd March, 2010

It was pretty stable I'll give it that.
Posted by Rikus 2nd March, 2010

It really does work! Just added the chat embedded into the news post! OMGoodness!!
Posted by Xhunterko 2nd March, 2010

Am I the only one who sees the big elephant in the room? A question of When is this released? Unless it's stated somewhere. I remember seeing a youtube interview of maybe during the fall. Any solid info on that?
Posted by W3R3W00F 2nd March, 2010

Posted by alastair john jack 2nd March, 2010

Lots of fake people in there
Posted by MJK 2nd March, 2010

Great stuff!
Posted by OMC 2nd March, 2010

Seems to be broken. D:
Posted by Simon Czentnár 2nd March, 2010

It does not work very well on my Mac.
Posted by Villy 2nd March, 2010

Might need to update your flash!
Posted by OMC 2nd March, 2010

Well it worked when it was first posted. Then it didn't for a while. And now it does again. O_o
Posted by JamieM 2nd March, 2010

Yeah, our server crashed (the actual machine, not Lacewing). We've restarted it now.


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