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New Quick Video: Marker Mayhem
News posted 5th March, 2010 by Rikus  
Our very own OMC has made a cool mini game involving markers and throwing.... Did I mention highscore mode? OH HECK YES! BRING IT!

Comments from OMC: Click on a sleepy student with the left mouse button to throw a marker at them and keep them awake. If you catch them early, you get extra points! Don't throw anything at students who are awake or you'll lose points. Click the right mouse button to reload. The longer the class goes on, the faster the students fall asleep, and you can't reload in the dark, so be sure to keep a full stock. If more than one student falls asleep at the same time, the game is over!

Click here to download Marker Mayhem !!

Posted by OMC 5th March, 2010

Pleasant surprise. Thanks Rikus!
Posted by Marko 5th March, 2010

Good game, though i am not that great at it (yet)
Posted by alastair john jack 5th March, 2010

I'd like to see a realistic 3D version of this, you should make a sequel
Posted by nim 5th March, 2010

The entire game fits into a TDC 1 minute preview video Looks good though. I like the music (is it original?) and use of physics on the title screen. Nice graphics too.
Posted by OMC 5th March, 2010

Cheers all. It's actually music by Kevin MacLeod, who makes royalty-free music. My musician connections were busy.

Alastair, that would be fun. I'll think about ideas that I could possibly do when I don't have other projects taking my time.
Posted by Matt Boothman 5th March, 2010

These graphics are fucking fantastic.
Posted by Rikus 6th March, 2010

omc how about a arcade version? check the admin forums


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