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MMF2 Flash Runtime Released
News posted 6th March, 2010 by OMC  
From Yves:

"Finally, the MMF2 & TGF2 SWF File Exporter that will allow you to create applications compatible with Adobe® Flash® Player is available !

Currently there is no demo version for this runtime, you can get it in our online store only (price = $69, 59€, or 49£). It is a download only option (60 Mb), and an Internet connection is required to register it. Also Java is required to build SWF files (if it's not installed, or if you have an old version, the installer will ask you if you want to install it)."

Pick up the full details here

Thanks to Adam for messaging me.

Update: Discuss this new release in this forum topic

Posted by Assault Andy 6th March, 2010

Damn I was just about to post

I just bought it and I'm playing with it now. It's awesome.
Posted by OMC 6th March, 2010

Awesome. I'll probably buy it soon. Can't wait to see what people make with it!
Posted by nim 6th March, 2010

Best new update ever. It feels like Clickteam has been developing and developing for so long, and now Flash and HWA are both almost released!
Posted by Wiiman (Evan) 6th March, 2010

Part of me wants this so bad, but I'm not ready to give out $69 for it right now... I know I sound like a traitor, but I'll probably wait until I release my next game or something, and if it's good, buy the flash runtime and convert it.
Comment edited by Wiiman on 3/6/2010
Posted by Jon C-B 6th March, 2010

Yea, I'm not making quality enough games to bother. But a flash release of Fairy Solitaire would be awesome! But I read the post and it say you wouldnt be able to save. So would inis and stuff not work?
Posted by Assault Andy 6th March, 2010

I just tested inis and they do in fact work. You can't save files to the harddrive, but it saves the inis in a temporary location and can indeed load them when the page is loaded again.

I'm not sure if it does that with cookies or with a temporary file on your harddrive. But it works!

Thanks for the Faerie Solitaire encouragement. We might make a small flash version and put it on Facebook
Posted by UrbanMonk 6th March, 2010

Going to buy this now!!!
Posted by Matthew Wiese 6th March, 2010

w00t! This is awesome, now I have to decide to either get this or upgrade my computer with my Report Card moeny. I wonder why Clickteam made it cost $69 tho

I'll stick with Java until I get this
Posted by Xhunterko 6th March, 2010

*does happy dance!!!*

(flixel sees: 'oh, heh heh, erm, hi buddy!')
Posted by Eight Bit Battle Cat 6th March, 2010

Must be aimed at commercial users - it seems rather pricey.
Posted by Robert Dowling 6th March, 2010

OMG why didn't someone wake me with this news!?
Bought...installed...rubbing hands together in anticipation.
Posted by Solgryn 6th March, 2010

They would probably have to pay for the flash license or something, that's the expensive part.

And for the exporter, I'm not sure if I will buy it or not.. I already have knowledge in actionscript but the online (lacewing) would be nice.
Comment edited by Solgryn on 3/6/2010
Posted by Radix 6th March, 2010

You can compile to flash for free, there's no license except for the Flash application itself, which you don't need.

For the first update in like ten years that's actually worth money, $69 is pretty fair (so just bought my copy).
Posted by Silveraura 6th March, 2010

I personally don't have $69 to spend at the moment, but that's a very reasonable price. Almost too reasonable. I wont complain though.
Posted by Jarzka 6th March, 2010

Don't need it, lots of objects that don't work with it and too expensive (for me) :S
Comment edited by Jarzka on 3/6/2010
Posted by OMC 6th March, 2010

I think I'm most excited about the possibility of making an animated website easily. XP
Posted by Jason Orme 6th March, 2010

I will buy it, but only when I've something to export into flash. On the plus side its good for making stupid cartoons.
Posted by JamieM 6th March, 2010

In response to the comment further up - if you want to save games and such, you could use the Get object and a PHP script to save to a database (or a file, for that matter).
Comment edited by JamieM on 3/6/2010
Posted by MasterM 6th March, 2010

ive to admit i am really excited its out already. i just saw the chat a few days ago and i was like OH WOW when will this come out and now BOOM we already got it! i thought they might release it in autumn or shit.

so it works with ANY version mmf 2?

also whatever happened to the java export of mmf 2- does it still exist and work fine now or whatever happened to it- you only get that for the very EXPENSIVE mmf version, right?

i am really looking forward to see people convert their games to Flash now and see what stuff we will get in the future. its all just so new now so lets see how this will all turn out and how maybe everybody of us starts to spam all those lame flash sites on the web. the clickers will take over.
Posted by UrbanMonk 6th March, 2010

Yes, I'm already working on a flash portal.

Let the spamming begin!
Posted by Rikus 6th March, 2010

And yes clubsoft got the flash extension to! Meaning possible arcade flash support. He is just working on some bugs right now
Posted by Silveraura 6th March, 2010

None of us should be particularly excited to see what people here will be making in Flash because in our eyes, they're dumbed down versions of what we are already used to.

What we SHOULD be excited about, is the fact that this is finally going to be our chance to break into the mainstream world since everyone knows what flash is, has it installed, and they're embedded into web pages.

We can finally be seen by the rest of the world for creating BETTER flash games than the crap we're used to seeing.
Posted by MasterM 6th March, 2010

i couldnt agree more! thats like EXACTLY what i was going to post. rock on man!
Posted by Ski 7th March, 2010

Bitch fight, lawl.
Posted by OMC 7th March, 2010

Where? O_o
Posted by Marko 7th March, 2010


SiLVERFIRE, i couldn't agree more. I was trying to find the words to describe what i thought Flash mean't for us, but you said it better than i ever could
Posted by SoftWarewolf 7th March, 2010

SiLVERFIRE said it yeah

I have to disagree on the pricing though, i actually think its a bit expensive just for a exporter to a program we already bought.. The java exporter was free.

However the java exporter is crap, its slow,sluggish,buggy and crashes randomly with big applications.. i wish i could try my latest game with the flash exporter before i buy it.
Posted by MasterM 7th March, 2010

I didn't see you fighting, Adam
Posted by Dustin Gunn 7th March, 2010

I payed 70 dollars for MMF2, I'm not so sure I'd pay that much more to export in one more format.
Posted by Jason Orme 8th March, 2010

Bought it in the end, looking forward to developing for facebook.
Posted by Silveraura 8th March, 2010

I think that like MMF2 Developer, you're really paying more for the investment. You will more than less likely only be interested in Flash if you have some sort of commercial intent. I don't think non-enthusiests people are going to buy Flash merely to use it as a hobby. So with that in mind, even at $20, there would probably not be many more people buying. So it makes sense to sell it at a price that more serious developers would be willing to pay. And to them, $70 isn't much skin off their back.
This could be complicating things a bit, but perhaps they could have made the different versions of flash (for different versions of MMF2) cost a little or less. Though idk which would cost more...
TGF2 may cause you already paid less for TGF2 itself.
However TGF2's flash version is limited in its loading screen capabilities. And vice versa with MMF2 Developer.
Idk, maybe that's why. But reguardless, I haven't bought it yet, I can't afford it, but I think pricing is pretty fair.
Posted by Dustin Gunn 8th March, 2010

I'm an enthusiast but I'm also enthusiastic about extensions, which rules out exporting anything major to flash.
Posted by GameFun4U 8th March, 2010

Way too expensive for a plugin. For that amount of money I can buy lot's of other cool things.
Posted by Codemonkey 10th March, 2010

Like a video game?
Posted by Mikeware 12th March, 2010

The price seems a bit high but still fair.


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