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News posted 6th March, 2010 by Rikus  
With all the flash going on there its easy to forget that YES we have a winner for January's GOTM Award! Congrats to Solgryn! After getting second place for 2 months now we can now say congrats for winning his first GOLD GOTM award! Make sure to download Xtreme Box + right here!

Second Award goes to Darkfate by Twiner

And third to Johnny Divoe by Tiles!.

Your points are on their way! congrats to all who won and the games for February GOTM are already up to vote for!!

Posted by OMC 6th March, 2010

Yay, congrats Solgryn!
Posted by Marko 6th March, 2010

Well done Solgryn, great game. And well done to Twiner and Tiles! too
Posted by Solgryn 6th March, 2010

Will be releasing BBBA2 shortly
Posted by Aden 7th March, 2010

i thought The Adventuring Man Of The North shouldve won... oj oj well done Solgryn, Twiner and Tiles!
Posted by nim 9th March, 2010

Congratulations Solgryn.
Posted by Tiles 9th March, 2010

Congrats Solgryn and Darkfate


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