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Video Preview: PacoTaco Boss Rush
News posted 10th March, 2010 by OMC  
Tiago (Tac0o0) and his pal Eric are working on creating a hilarious-looking new game called PacoTaco Boss Rush. This creative Boss-battle-athon seems to be an absolute blast, as you can see in the trailer to the right.

Comments from the video: A boss rush featuring 30 rather zany and unusual bosses, featuring out caricatures Paco and Taco to take them on one by one. This is not your usual duo of heroes facing your not-so-usual onslaught of insane bosses. Break through and beat every last one of them! Game available sometime in the near future.

Be sure to visit the forum thread to tell Tac0o0 what you think about it!

Posted by Sumo148 11th March, 2010

pretty interesting boss battles 30 is a lot too. Can't wait to play the game. (I already have an early beta muhahahahah)

And I saw that mistake OMC where you said that Tac0o0 and Tiago were working on a game together, but they're the same person
Posted by OMC 11th March, 2010

Yep, I got a bit confused there. Is it right now?
Posted by CYS 11th March, 2010

Looks really crazy! -> and that means good of course!
Posted by Marko 11th March, 2010

Yay for OMC this game looks manic!

....and that's a good thing!


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