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Daily Click 9th birthday Party Weekend!!!
News posted 11th March, 2010 by Rikus  
Folks, maybe you forgot but next tuesday is a special day!! Your daily click site turns 9 years old! Indeed! 9 frickin years on da web. To celebrate, we are giving you a cool TDC 9th birthday bash party weekend!!! To kick things off i have created a quick podcast talking about the sites past but also its future - hint -. Also when doing all this stuff I found a old broken episode of klik&play tonight. This audio show was one of the first podcasts in our community to be made and the show was hosted by Kevin Smeth at the time. I am in the process of fixing the old real audio file but did put a bit in this weeks podcast as a sample, in the sample they also talk about the tdc upgrade from back in 2001 and even have a round up of top 10 features that did not make it on the tdc website back in 2001/2002. Sooo have a listen it is pretty fun to listen how they talked about the site back then:)

Klik here to listen the the Klik Podcast Episode #7. .

And yes be sure to catch the special announcement near the end of the podcast about the future of this very website.. its going to be a VERY cool weekend folks!

Posted by W3R3W00F 11th March, 2010

I wish I had been around all those years to see it begin.

Congratulations, Rikus!!! TDC ftw!
Posted by Marko 11th March, 2010

Ditto to the above post
Posted by nim 11th March, 2010

Looking forward to it!
Posted by Solgryn 11th March, 2010

I want a fix for vitalize ! =P
Posted by OMC 11th March, 2010

>:} I hope we can do all of what we've planned.
Posted by Kamukoira 11th March, 2010

Happy Birthday TDC!
Posted by UrbanMonk 11th March, 2010

Happy birthday beloved tdc land!

It's already been a pretty cool week here!
Posted by Johnny Look 12th March, 2010

Happy birthday TDC !
Posted by CYS 12th March, 2010

This post leads to reread the entire "back to the click" again. Ah...memories. Wish i can go back to being young again.
Posted by lembi2001 12th March, 2010

Congrats TDC and Rikus. Looking forward to the Arcade.
Posted by MasterM 13th March, 2010

lol ive wasted 9 years of my life and ill waste the rest of it as well
Posted by Rikus 14th March, 2010

"lol ive wasted 9 years of my life and ill waste the rest of it as well" That is the best comment ever


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