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New Quick Video: BBBA II
News posted 13th March, 2010 by Rikus  
Lets start off the weekend with a cool action packed game shall we? Solgryn returns with Bubble BBBAII! Blast the enemies into pieces or be crushed by giant balls!!! Wait that came out.. wrong.. !!

Comments from Solgryn: Waves! Bosses! Upgrades! ACHIEVEMENTS! Online Highscore! AWESOME MUSIIIIIIC!!!!!!!

Click here to download BBBA II !!

Posted by Solgryn 13th March, 2010

Uhm whats up with the music?

Yea thats a bug, apparently the program sets the volume to 0% unless you change it in the options -.-

I wish you had just scrolled the mouse wheel :C it sets to volume up, but anyways thanks for FP =D
Comment edited by Solgryn on 3/13/2010
Posted by Rikus 13th March, 2010

Yea I was wondering about that! Could you update it that the default is like 25% or something?
Posted by Marko 13th March, 2010

Looks great - will download later today


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