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New Project: Tank Game (Working Title)
News posted 15th March, 2010 by OMC  
Don't let the placeholder name fool you. HitmanN's latest project isn't quite the typical mortar blasters clone.

"I'm exploring more of MMF2's functions. I always wanted to make a turn-based Scorched Earth type tank shooter, and that's what I'm trying to do here. Except I'm overdoing it by turning it into a turn-based strategy, with resource collecting, customizable weaponry for units, building some structures for defense or utility, etc."

And it's kind of hard to miss the fact that all of the units can fly in some way or another. The best part is that the game is already progressing smoothly! A few tweaks and added content and we'll be playing in no time!

Go to the "Tank Game" project page for more information (Might I suggest suggesting some cool project names?)

Posted by CYS 15th March, 2010

This looks really good!
Posted by lembi2001 15th March, 2010

Fave'd it!!!
Posted by HitmanN 15th March, 2010

Thanks for the news article OMC.
Posted by LB 19th March, 2010

This looks really good!


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