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New Game Of The Week Award!
News posted 5th June, 2002 by Rikus  

Its Wednesday that means we are closer to the weekend! Woohoo, it alsooo means we have a new game of the week! And this week the winner is...Drummroll... Air Pop neo! Congrats to the legendary person: ChrisOch who made it. You earned it. If you have not tried out this game yet then first shame on you, when your done shaming you can get it right here. Moving right a long is our new Game Of The Week Award. This week you can choose between the following games: Al's Home   The Elk Special Edition   Turkey Sub   Entrance Gate Demo    Poke & Gravy Party    Project053   Vs3   Skidie    Blob Demo  Rollerball Demo

Posted by jast 5th June, 2002

AirPop Neo! has really deserved this award... Try it - and nevermind those 4-point-reviews. Anyway, where's Brainless? I can't find the last week's winner on the GOTW-page...
Posted by Duncan 5th June, 2002

I agree!! :D
Posted by JML Games 5th June, 2002

By the way Game of the Week Idea is really cool and good work Air Pop Neo
Posted by The Chris Street 5th June, 2002

wheres SDBG?? *sniff*
Posted by Steve Wardale 5th June, 2002

damn flymo racers... it didnt get a nomination at the baftas, oscars or grammys.. ah well :).
Posted by Rikus 5th June, 2002

I added brainless to the gotw page.
Posted by C-Media 5th June, 2002

yeh, air pop neo really deserved GOTW. Congrats chrisoch!
Posted by Mohr Stoutbeard 5th June, 2002

I hate to be the voice of reason here, but am I the only one who thinks it's ludicrous to have a Game Of The Week when pretty much 99% of this stuff is horrible? Have we become so desperate that we have to set our standards so low that a monkey could make a game that would satisfy you? Oh, that's right. Apparently we have.
Posted by ChrisOch 5th June, 2002

I hope that you don't think a monkey made Air Pop!, Mohr ;), because I do have a hankering for bananas and picking fleas from friend's heads :). It's all in the name of fun, and really shouldn't be analyzed so seriously. Thank you every one for the prestigous Daily Click GOTW award!! I love you all ;)!!!
Posted by DBack 5th June, 2002

Mohr, it's game of the week. Not the Good Game We Saw Award. HOWEVER.!!!!!! On the page for Game of the Week, the games should definitely be listed by AVERAGE RATING. And Air Pop Neo! is a good game. Didn't like it the first time like me? Play it again, and play balloon burst. It is pretty good. Oh, and please make a Game of the Month. That would be great.
Posted by Simdrone052 5th June, 2002

I think Chris deserves that for the effort alone...
Posted by Karl Hedlund 5th June, 2002

I think we should be nice! Those games where the maker has put all his effort and time at should win. If the game is horrible that's another situation.
Posted by Nobuyuki 6th June, 2002

Please! Don't make Game of the Month if it only includes games of the week....
Posted by Mohr Stoutbeard 6th June, 2002

I didn't say Air Pop Neo was a bad game. In fact, I haven't played it. But I enjoyed Chris Och's previous games so I'm willing to give him the benifit of the doubt. What I'm saying is that I would be hard pressed to find a game I thought deserved any awards throughout the history of "Game Of The Week". In fact, I can't recall a single one that impressed me in the slightest. But I guess it's just foolish to expect most people to work hard on their games.
Posted by Karl Hedlund 6th June, 2002

I think it should be only GOTM. That way good games get the award.
Posted by jast 6th June, 2002

Naaah, there are too many games for a gotm... Just look at the current gotw poll (and imagine it 4 times longer)... Maybe a gotm poll where you can only chose between the 10 games that have gotten the most votes in the gotw polls.
Posted by Simdrone052 6th June, 2002

This time, it was a toss up between The Elk and Entrance gate, to be honest, I enjoyed the elk better, so I voted for it. But I'm having second thoughts, because it looks as if the author of entrace gate spent WAY more time on his game... It is so hard to decide!
Posted by jast 6th June, 2002

Well, as long as you vote for it once the final version is out ;) XD
Posted by pixelscope 9th June, 2002

Maybe some games could be sorted out then with a Game of the Month. Like.. uhm... the bad ones. :)
Posted by xXAaronXx 9th June, 2002

Good game, cept some the controling sux, and once i got to the part where you first start your fall with your goggles on, the game had an error right there, was enuff to piss me right off
Posted by The Chris Street 10th June, 2002

someone should compile the game as a proper .exe and hopefully eliminate any bugs. I cant stand TGFs constant "setup" program


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