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New version of TDC Chat!
News posted 21st March, 2010 by Jon Lambert  
All right everyone, I've worked on this thing for a while and I feel like I'll just go ahead and give it another public go. TDC Chat once again reveals itself to the public! If you haven't used it in a while, come check out all the new features like text formatting, YouTube videos, backgrounds, and more! If you've never used it before, then now's the time to try it out! It should be a lot more stable than it was before, as I've recoded some previously resource-intensive processes. If there are any bugs left (which there are) your use will help me find them!

Also, you may or may not have noticed my "TDC Chat Super User" tag. Well, you too can have one, if you use the chat for 7 days in a row. Furthermore, for the next three days, you will receive 100 DC points for the first time you visit the chat while I am present!

Let's get to downloading the latest version of TDC Chat!

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Posted by Ricky 21st March, 2010

why isn't this flash based?
Posted by Jon Lambert 21st March, 2010

because i have to finish the flash one
Posted by Ricky 21st March, 2010

Posted by alastair john jack 21st March, 2010

Looking forward to flash one.
Posted by Ecstazy 21st March, 2010

I see this tag is reserved for people with a stable connection.
Posted by LB 21st March, 2010

You should fix the updater, I ran it and it deleted the chat exe.
Posted by Cecilectomy 21st March, 2010

lol same. i had to run it again to get it back


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