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New Game: Duel Toys 2
News posted 22nd March, 2010 by Flava  
DieFox has just released Duel Toys 2, the sequel to the well received Duel Toys. If you haven't played Duel Toys before, then make sure you check it out along with the newly released game. You can't go wrong with fighting and RPG elements, and over 80 characters from your favourite games and movies.

Comments from the author: Duel Toys 2 is a fighting/RPG Fan-Game which features tons of different well known characters from various games/ comics/ movies and turn them into Dueling Toys! It features more then 60 characters, from games like Street Fighter, King of Fighters, Mortal Kombat and even pop icons like Darth Vader and Michael Jackson.

Click here to view more information and download Duel Toys 2

Posted by Rikus 23rd March, 2010

OH YEA! ~~BAM~~ Here is a Quick Video while you are waiting to download this awesome game!
Posted by Kamukoira 23rd March, 2010

The game is awesome
Posted by lembi2001 23rd March, 2010

can anyone provide an alternative download link because it is blocked at work and my home internets is broken
Posted by Fanotherpg 23rd March, 2010

I provided one, and it's available at Duel Toys webpage - check Download Section.
Posted by lembi2001 23rd March, 2010 links to a blogspot page which is blocked at work.
Posted by Dave C 23rd March, 2010

get it here

this is probably the most advanced click game there is IMO, overall in terms of graphics and gameplay.. an unbelieveable amount of hours has no doubt gone into this. too bad you can't sell it.
Posted by Fanotherpg 24th March, 2010

Cheers Dave for giving direct link. I didn't know that blogpost can be blocked.

BTW I will post also updates on my server when they will appear.
Posted by lembi2001 24th March, 2010

awesome!!! Thanks for the link. Downloading now.
Posted by Mark McCauley 27th March, 2010

Agreed- A great accomplishment- nicely put together-good gameplay and animations- well done


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