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New Games now on the Arcade! (More to come tomorrow!)
News posted 24th March, 2010 by Rikus  
It is time to buff up your score, because we got 3 new games for you today on the arcade! The 3 games are Oddro, Mars Defender anddd Milbers Mail Run! Clubsoft told me there are even more games being uploaded tomorrow.

Sorry for the delay but some of the games needed some tinkering with the code for them to work with flash. This should not be much of a problem once more games are being made for the Arcade compo. Enjoy, and be sure to send me some challenges!

Click here to check the new games at the Arcade!

Posted by Jon C-B 24th March, 2010

What?!? Milber's Mail Run? But I thought that was canceled. Oh well, excited for some more games!
Posted by Sumo148 24th March, 2010

its a one level "mobile version"
Posted by Jon C-B 24th March, 2010

Oh, I've played it now. All the new games are great!
Posted by W3R3W00F 24th March, 2010

Posted by MJK 24th March, 2010

Great to see new games coming along!
Posted by Strife 24th March, 2010

Excellent stuff! Can't wait to see more games up there soon.
Posted by Ski 24th March, 2010

I got slow down on two of the games. Mars Defender was okay though.
Posted by Kamukoira 24th March, 2010

All of the games run relatively smoothly but there are indeed noticable slowdowns. I think the small slowdown is due to layers, probably because I don't think java supports them so well yet. Or then it is just because of the size of the game.

Posted by Solgryn 24th March, 2010

I have no slowdowns at all :/
Posted by Clubsoft 24th March, 2010

It's quite dependent on your hardware, I tend to test flash games on my aging toughbook (1.2ghz Pentium M with onboard intel graphics) along side my PC (which isn't exactly slow..) to make sure they're running fine, this is the reason one if the games I was planning on putting up isn't online yet. I'll probably convert that one to Vitalize for now.

It can help if you close other browser windows with flash in (Such as flash ad banners), as flash shares resources, any other flash animations can slow performance down

Any relatively modern machine shouldn't struggle though, really
Posted by 7Soul 24th March, 2010

I had slowdowns in many flash games on my old computer, now everuthing runs really smooth
Posted by Cecilectomy 25th March, 2010

daily credits still aren't being awarded. =/
Posted by RedEnchilada 25th March, 2010

I'm not sending you any challenges because when I sent you a Dragon Master challenge, you didn't send your score. T-T
Posted by Cecilectomy 26th March, 2010

who are you talking to redechidna?


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