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New Quick Video: Super Retro Jim
News posted 25th March, 2010 by Rikus  
Hey! Where is all the love for Super Retro Jim created by Jon! I just checked the game out and its actually a pretty cool platformer with neato retro graphics, solid level design and a pumping music track. Check it out for some great retro action!

Comments from Jon: Super Retro Jim is the sequel to Retro Jim, which I made last year. I learned a lot by making this and enjoyed it too. There are 3 worlds each with 4 levels and The 4th level in each world is a boss!

Click here to download Super Retro Jim!!

Posted by nim 25th March, 2010

This game looks a lot like a "retro" game I made many years ago. What I learned from making it was that "simple colours and blocky shapes" doesn't necessarily equal retro. If I were to do something like this again I'd start with a NES colour palette. This game looks fun all the same, though
Posted by Falcon Eaglehawk 25th March, 2010

Totally agreed with nim.
Posted by Sumo148 25th March, 2010

Looks good why was the boss sleeping
Posted by bigredron 26th March, 2010

looks crappy
Posted by Jon C-B 26th March, 2010

Haha thanks bigredron. Dunno why I made the boss fall asleep. I guess hes nocturnal.


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