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New Quick Video: G.I. Jane
News posted 27th March, 2010 by Rikus  
It is Time to kick some ass with G.I. Jane! You would not want to meet her in a dark alley.. or maybe you would?

With some cool levels to explore and grenades to throw get ready to be blasted into some full on action with this packed flash game by Jason!

Comments from Jason Orme: A basic scrolling shoot em up "rush n attack" / contra style. Making this game took me straight back to 1998, when I would make basic games for fun using the library graphics provided. Contains 3 levels and a final boss stage.

Click here to download G.I. Jane!

Ps. Did anyone else noticed the "Fusion" Oil tanker?

Posted by Johnny Look 27th March, 2010

kind of reminds of Commando by fallen angels.
Posted by Marko 27th March, 2010

Yeah i noticed the "F" Fusion logos everywhere - reminded me of the old IMSI Multimedia Fusion manual! Good game BTW, re-creates the retro feel perfectly
Posted by Jason Orme 27th March, 2010

Thanks for the video and front page
Posted by Muz 29th March, 2010

That was a very short game


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