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Project Update: Return to Neonworld
News posted 29th March, 2010 by OMC  
The return of Blackgaze (formerly Spiderhead) has also brought three project updates. I encourage you to check out all of them (plus many others!) at the projects page. For now, Blackgaze's primary focus is on Return to Neonworld, a "1.5 sequel" to his original GOTW-winning Neonworld game.

"This "top-down" game has dozens of puzzle elements combined into one, from key unlocks to floor and wall traps. Everything from the world to objects match in to the bright colourful digital world I want to create; and I'm going to pack a lot of background animation and detail to bring this place to life."

Keep track of progress at the Return to Neonworld project page.

Posted by Blackgaze 29th March, 2010

Not a big deal, but Neonworld did win GOTW back in the day
Posted by OMC 30th March, 2010

I'll link to it if you can fix the download link!
Posted by Blackgaze 30th March, 2010

I no longer can upload download files unless you recommend a good hoster.

I usually use megaupload for any files I need... which TDC dislikes
Posted by OMC 30th March, 2010

Mediafire is a good one. You could also sign up for a free account at a site like or or google sites!
Posted by Blackgaze 30th March, 2010

Ok I message you IF I find the game... whereever it is...


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