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MMF2 to get Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii exporter
News posted 1st April, 2010 by Flava  
It's been a long time waiting, but Clickteam have finally announced that they are to release an Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii exporter for Multimedia Fusion 2. This means that you'll be able to save your newly created games and play them on your favourite games consoles. Clickteam are also in talks with Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo to provide some way of allowing MMF2 developers to sell their games on console stores. Click the link below for more details and screenshots.

More info from Jeff of Clickteam: Today we proudly announce the forthcoming release of the Game Console Export plugin. Our powerful but easy to use game and multimedia creation software Multimedia Fusion 2 will now allow users to create PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii content quickly and easily without the need to purchase a console development kit.

Click here for more information on the game console exporter

Posted by MJK 1st April, 2010

Heheh, nice.
Posted by RenatoDep 1st April, 2010

yay lol
Posted by alastair john jack 1st April, 2010

That's pretty cool
Posted by Ski 1st April, 2010

Posted by Asholay 1st April, 2010

I'm not going to lie - I got totally zinged by that April fools... despite the obvious absurdity.

You gits
Posted by Silveraura 1st April, 2010

Omg, this would have been fantastic news too.
Posted by Cecilectomy 1st April, 2010

flava you do know that you coded the ability to hide tags right?
Posted by Flava 1st April, 2010

It's up to you whether you want people to know you're a fool Though I can see your hidden tags too.. hehe..
Posted by MJK 1st April, 2010

Bear in mind that Clickteam initially announced the Flash runtime on April 1st 2009...
Posted by OMC 1st April, 2010

I wish!
Posted by clement 1st April, 2010

RAAAAA bad guys...
Posted by Yai7 1st April, 2010

Sure... Sure... Just in time? Aint?
Posted by Vertigo 1st April, 2010

This is not a very fun april fools joke I want my upcoming game on Wii damned
Posted by Spiriax 1st April, 2010

LOL I bought the joke again!
Posted by Johnny Look 1st April, 2010

that was just cruel.
Posted by The Chris Street 1st April, 2010

That wasnt nice Especially when Clickteam announced the Flash runtime last year and it turned out NOT to be an April Fool... and that the XNA runtime is in the pipeline anyway...
Posted by lembi2001 1st April, 2010


Love it!!!
Posted by CYS 1st April, 2010

This would really be awesome if it were true .
Posted by Solgryn 1st April, 2010

Yay I got a tag =D
Posted by Strife 1st April, 2010

Bastages! I actually believed this until I hovered over the link and noticed the URL said April_Fools.

Thanks for the tag, though.
Posted by PotatoCannon 1st April, 2010

haha i failed . i was soo happy first then just bahh""

Posted by Pisarz Ksiazkowicz (Maciej Janiszewski) 1st April, 2010

Of course. I should think, before clicking this link...
Posted by nim 1st April, 2010

This taught me that you can hide tags
Posted by OMC 1st April, 2010

Posted by Neuro 1st April, 2010

AWWHHHHH you got me... at least now I'm ready for anything else.
Posted by Silveraura 1st April, 2010

Would have been more believable if it wasn't all 3 of them at once. Xbox 360 with XNA? Defiantly. PS3 and Wii? No.
Posted by Watermelon876 1st April, 2010

Well of course I believed it because of the Flash export being announced last year on the same day. You knew that, didn't you?
Posted by Codemonster 1st April, 2010

Lol the best part of the joke is Clickteam obviously does not want to move with the market and survive the next generation because of the fact that they arent doing this for the consoles or phones.
Posted by Marko 1st April, 2010

This is the BEST idea ever - even better than MMF3D!
Posted by Aden 1st April, 2010

eh... its 7:30 pm, jokes on you
Posted by Codemonkey 1st April, 2010

Not cool.
Posted by Ricky 1st April, 2010

yay, free tags!
Posted by UrbanMonk 1st April, 2010

Our powerful but easy to use game and multimedia creation software Multimedia Fusion 2 will now allow users to create PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii content quickly and easily without the need to purchase a console development kit.

Posted by MasterM 2nd April, 2010

i love you for not forgetting
a lot of pages dont do anything anymore these days
i was expecting something from somethingawful but I think they gave up ages ago (i remember times when they had stuff on this day).
b3ta also lacks that humour. what a shame. deviant art gave us twilight avatars lol

so what other pages did have anything funny?
Posted by Bibin 2nd April, 2010

Nice photoshop.

Bogo lost the source to Lyle in Cube Sector ages ago.
Posted by Rikus 2nd April, 2010

I love the picture! If only eh?
Posted by W3R3W00F 2nd April, 2010

I wish this wasn't a joke!
Posted by Dave C 2nd April, 2010

haha shit. got me...
Posted by nim 2nd April, 2010

Bibin, I think he found the source again after a while and released an updated version of Lyle. Check the download page
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 2nd April, 2010

Posted by Jess Bowers 2nd April, 2010

Ugh! I am a complete sucker. I was totally buying it... line, hook, and sinker. I guess I wanted to believe it too much.

Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 2nd April, 2010

I bought that news, hook line and sinker. You bastard.
Posted by Mark McCauley 2nd April, 2010

haha good one i got sucked too
Posted by Mark McCauley 3rd April, 2010

doh i fell for it again
Posted by OMC 3rd April, 2010

Posted by DS Strider 3rd April, 2010

Cruel joke, guys.
Posted by Matthew Wiese 4th April, 2010

I actually believed this... D:
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 5th April, 2010

Stupid April Fools. Made me sad now. Totally got excited and everything!!
Posted by Ecstazy 7th April, 2010

You had me there.
I hate you, I'm leaving this site!
Posted by Asholay 11th April, 2010



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