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Flash in the D-loads.
News posted 3rd April, 2010 by OMC  
If you're like me, rainy and windy days at the beginning of spring (in my area, anyway) make you want to break out the video games and blast a few baddies. Arcade games are a nice short scratch for that itch, which we're hoping to treat with the Daily Click Arcade.

That said, we've still got some good arcadey submissions in the downloads section. First case in point is Overshoot, by MJK. This game isn't complicated. Timed button presses are the key (no pun intended) to destroying the target and racking up a high score. Play Overshoot (And earn MJK some Mochiads money)

G.I. Jane is a game by Jason Orme that's been ported to flash. It's a run'n'gun platformer with simple but pleasant graphics. Play it here.

Last but not least, Helicopter - The Game is RhysD's first game made for the flash exporter. Kablam the enemy choppers and drop soldiers to safety, and submit your high score! Click here to play.

And since we've had so many, here are a few more.
Hungry Fish
Climbing Clive & The Rolling Rascals

Posted by Marko 3rd April, 2010

Dang that Hungry Fish game is addictive!
Posted by MJK 4th April, 2010

"Play Overshoot (And earn MJK some Mochiads money)" Haha! Yes, I only need like 990,000 views more before anything significant comes out in ad revenues. So go play it 990,000 times, thank you.
Posted by Jason Orme 4th April, 2010

I worked out that out of the $55 I have earned from G.I Jane and BallFrog.. not even a cent of that is from TDC.
But you have to stick to your roots.

Thanks again for the front page exposure.
Posted by Kamukoira 4th April, 2010

You forgot Cipher and Hanuro hawk . Both of those games are also pretty decent so too bad they don't get any attention ^^
Posted by OMC 4th April, 2010

Is Hanuro Hawk a flash game now?
Posted by Kamukoira 4th April, 2010

Oh right ^^^(three eyes)
Posted by OMC 6th April, 2010

Whoops, I just gave Helicopter game double coverage. Didn't notice the first post.

Posted by Rhys D 6th April, 2010

i'll forgive you...!
Posted by OMC 6th April, 2010

Posted by OMC 6th April, 2010

Yeesh, where did my eyes go? GI Jane was also already covered. I should rearrange it so the bottom three are the top three!
Posted by 13th April, 2010

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