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New Article Series: Functionality in Game Graphics
News posted 6th April, 2010 by OMC  
Pixel-karate master Hayo has started a new article series lending tips on... you guessed it. Making functional game graphics. It doesn't hurt to make your game look spiffy, now does it?

"In this series of articles we will concentrate on finding out what the smallest thing is that will get the graphic do itís job and go with that. We will find out what is easiest way to make your graphics and we will find balance in the graphical side of your game as a whole. Keeping it simple is the key.

As of this writing, the Introduction is up plus the first "real" entry, Tiles.

Click here to read Part 1: Introduction
Click here to read Part 2: Tiles
Click here to check out more articles

Click here to write Hayo fanmail. **Link removed due to overwhelming increase in server load.**

Posted by Ricky 6th April, 2010

**Link removed due to overwhelming increase in server load.**

Posted by Marko 6th April, 2010

Interesting articles - i just glossed over them before i go to work but i'll have a proper-job read this evening.
Posted by Dave C 6th April, 2010

i think that was a joke, Ricky.
Posted by OMC 6th April, 2010

Yep, it was a joke!
Posted by Hayo 6th April, 2010

The next set of articles might take a week, I am in the middle of some graduation mess right now.
Posted by Xhunterko 6th April, 2010

I'll be sure and definitley look these over Hayo. Sorry for earlier. I also suggest you take a look at the pm I send you in a few. I think it applies to this site as well.


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